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Overnight Success in Just a Decade

Lucho CalaveraBy Jim Parisi

Lucho Calavera and his band La Canalla recorded their entire debut album “Ni Pa’ Que Te Cuento” in the Papaya Music Studio in Alajuela in just two and a half months, an incredible, very efficient accomplishment. Then they spent nearly a year crafting and polishing their model. A band that has a reputation for enjoying themselves onstage, including live dancers as part of their entourage, became very serious in the studio, expanding the band from five players to nine, to include more percussion and a horn section, further indication of the scope of their vision. That vision is initiated by singer/songwriter Lucho Calavera, the altered ego of Luis Arena, who has been in the Costa Rica music scene for some time. He recorded two albums in the late Nineties with El Parque, the second CD on the Sony Music Label. They were the first Costa Rican band to air a video on MTV Latino. He then went solo, working on projects with other local bands, most notably Evolucion. He also sat in with Soda Stereo, a popular band from Argentina. Arena then relocated to Madrid, evolving musical influences and his pseudonym, with gypsy bravado wrapped around it.

Jaime Peligro Books and Music

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Crab Melts

By Bill Dwyer

Melts are open-face sandwiches, with melted cheese as the common denominator. They are usually made with a meat or seafood salad mixed with cheese. Here is my version of a favourite of ours – the crab melt.

I don’t follow a recipe when I make these, but to write this column and tell you how to make crab melts, I did some measuring as I added ingredient after ingredient. I put each ingredient into a measuring cup without packing them down – just left loose; so keep that in mind as you build your own crab melts. And don’t feel you have to match my measurements exactly – just fairly closely. By the second or third time you make crab melts you probably won’t need to do any measuring.

You can use this recipe to make shrimp, chicken, or even hot-dog melts by substituting the crabmeat.


  • 1 six-oz can   crabmeat (Roland white crabmeat is available at Supermas)
  • 1 cup               grated radishes
  • 1 cup               green onions (scallions), thinly sliced
  • ½ cup            celery, finely chopped
  • ½ cup            cucumber, finely chopped (seeds and pulp removed, but unpeeled)
  • 12                    green olives, finely chopped
  • 3 tbsp            fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup           mayonnaise
  • ¼ cup           Dijon mustard
  • salt and white pepper, to taste
  • 6 oz                Emmenthal cheese, grated
  • 8                      English muffin halves, toasted

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Cambios ortográficos en Pretérito Indefinido de la tercera persona

a)  Conjugue los siguientes verbos singular y plural de cambio: o-u, e-i.

El __________ (repetir)  muchos verbos en la clase de ayer.

  1. Ellos __________ (dormir) ocho horas anoche.
  2. Carlos __________ (morir) en un accidente el año pasado.
  3. Nosotros __________ (invertir) en hoteles de playa.
  4. En el restaurante él __________ (pedir) un plato de mariscos.
  5. Las saloneras __________ (servir) la cena a las 7:00 p.m.
  6. Yo __________ (reir) mucho en la película de ayer.
  7. Costa Rica __________ (competir) en la Copa Mundial de fútbol en 1990 y en el 2002.
  8. El policía __________ (seguir) al ladrón.
  9. 10. Nosotros __________ (divertirse) mucho en la fiesta.
  10. 11. Mi esposa __________ (sentirse) mejor después de la visita al doctor.
  11. 12. El perro __________ (perseguir) al gato alrededor de la casa.
  12. 13. El testigo __________ (mentir) en su testimonio.

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The Guy with the Black Hat Riding the Bicycle

by Jack Ewing

The Story of a Campesino Called “Tornillo”

Everyone who lives near Dominical has seen Tornillo (pronounced tor-knee-yo) at one time or another. He’s the guy with the black hat riding the bicycle toward Platanillo every week day in the mid afternoon. For twenty-four years Daniel Valverde Granados has lived in Platanillo and worked at Hacienda Barú. His work day begins at 6:00 AM, which means he has to leave home around 4:00. The ride down takes less than an hour, putting him at Hacienda Barú before sunrise. That leaves an hour to drink coffee and chat with his fellow workers, who usually begin arriving at 5:00. After eight hours of swinging a machete, building fence, planting trees and driving a tractor, Daniel again mounts his bicycle and begins the grueling uphill ride back to Platanillo, this time an hour and a half ride. As you might suspect, with an exercise-filled day like Daniel’s, he is in excellent physical condition. Now that he has decided to retire, he is worried about getting fat.
Hacienda Baru

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Reflexology: An ancient healing art treating modern aliments

reflexologyby Shelley Workman

Working with many different holistic modalities over the years and with many people with different types of health concerns, reflexology has been a powerful healing tool for a variety of reasons.  Why do people love reflexology so much?  Bottom line–it is totally relaxing.  Reflexology works the whole body through the feet, so the patient does not need to turn over, undress, or use oils.
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The Making Of A Monkey Troop

By KSTR Vet Pia Martin

KSTR monkey cageWhite face monkeys are very intelligent new world monkeys. They are omnivores who eat fruits, veggies, insects, eggs, lizards and almost anything that moves. In the wild they are always in the canopy and travel during the morning and afternoon in troops of 7 or more individuals. They are very active, curious, and playful all the time. Their big eyes, pink nose, stand up position and fingers make them very similar to people. Many humans get confused and think that this cute animal will become fabulous and funny pets. However they can’t be more wrong.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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By Evelina Bolognini – Pilates instructor

Pilates is essentially a body / mind conditioning method  created by Joseph Pilates whom actually call it Contrology.

Contrology, known today as ‘Pilates’ is a Method for whole health, ‘whole’ body movement, rehabilitation, re-education and complete wellbeing.

Pilates connects you to a whole and efficient strength that support and move you as ‘one’ with power and grace. Enhancing, accelerating and maximising your physical and mental performance, it brings about your greatest potential in both movement and Life.

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Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – May 2011

These Horoscopes are meant to be fun and enjoyed. They should not be taken too seriously.

taurusTAURUS – April 20-May 20

As accurate as the weather report might be, you must be careful to avoid the 3011 bus. Danger, excitement, thrills. Even spills. These are all buzz words which may catch your attention this week, possibly in the form of a horoscope. Having reached a personal goal, the future looks rosier for you!


geminiGEMINI – May 21-June 21


Animals with big eyes should be avoided as they invariably have pointy claws which could, in the worst cases, grab you by the shoulder and carry you screaming helplessly in the air on the 7th of the month.


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Nice Catch!

By Joshua Stewart

March with the highest numbers

2011 began with a great bite so far. First two months had good reports from all the boats around Quepos. Thumbs up for all the crews, owners and everyone involved with Sportfishing in this area. You all do a great job that keeps Quepos on the map as one of the greatest places around the world for Sportfishing. March gave the highest numbers on the reports. Ojaran II, Ojaran III and Reel Deal boated and released 224 sailfish, 6 Dorados, 2 blue Marlin (one on the tournament), some Roosters, Jacks and many Mackerels. April means the end of the High Season and also gives a poor report on the first days. Only 13 sails, 2 Dorados, 9 Roosters and again some Mackerels especially because customers choice has been inshore. Ojaran III had 6 Sails, Reel Deal had 2 and 1 Dorado last April 6th which means that it’s not going to be that bad.

Fishing Report

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May 2011

cover-may-11Bienvenidos – Welcome to Quepos & Manuel Antonio……….we are happy to have you here to enjoy our little bit of Paradise!…our rains have started but fortunately in the late afternoon so that none of your fun should be washed out – we do live in the Rainforest and rain it does!! “Green Season” doesn’t that sound better than “rainy season”!…so just go out and enjoy all the great tours we have including great fishing…while visiting our advertisers to share a meal or cold drink – please let them know you found them in Quepolandia.…..look for the PAWS booth at the feria on Saturday and stop and talk about all the great things going on to provide a healthier home for the cats and dogs of our area…a big congratulations to PAWS on a successful Fundraiser –soon they will have a Mobile unit for spay/neuter clinics!…….We would like to thank Manuel Cabalceta for our cover shot of the howler monkey (cebidae-alloutta). Manuel is a guide for the Manuel Antonio National Park and can be reached for tours at 8719-6195 or [email protected] It is worth having a guide to see more animals!…….please enjoy yourselves – have a super time at our beaches but remember the ocean is powerful so take care to pay attention to the riptide………..on May 30th Papa & Harry will be hosting their annual Memorial Day Pig Roast at Rancho Leon – it generally starts around Noon or 1pm with live music by Robbie & Live Wire—come on out for a great day…well that about wraps it up – follow us here and we hope you come back soon…………caio………………..P

*Stay Alert – there have been a few instances of trouble on the road to the Nature’s Beachfront Hotel  beach entrance – so it would be best to not walk it alone and stay alert to people following you.

A Small Golden Eagle for Juanito

By Jack Ewing

In 1957 Juanito was 12 years old. He was the youngest member of a group of six who left San Isidro early one morning on an adventure they would all remember for the rest of their lives. Rodolfo’s 4WD pickup was loaded to the brim with supplies, including enough rice and beans for two weeks, shovels, picks, bars for digging and prying, machetes and a few other basic items. Juanito and Ignacio’s son, Jorge, rode in the back of the pickup with Luis; Rodolfo drove; and the other two men, Ignacio and Quincho, rode up front. The Pan-American highway was rough and full of holes, but after nearly four hours they pulled into Buenos Aires and stopped for a bite to eat. There the group was joined by an Indian named Porfilio, who would serve as their guide for the rest of the trip. Porfilio rode with those in the back of the heavily loaded pickup. They drove out of Buenos Aires and again headed south on the Pan-American highway.
Hacienda Baru

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

By Shelley Workman

Sensorimotor psychotherapy is supporting many of us to heal naturally from trauma and hurtful, life experiences!

Unique to Costa Rica, Holis Wellness Center is offering a style of  body-centered therapy called Sensorimotor psychotherapy (SP). Sensorimotor Psychotherapy developed by Pat Ogden and Ron Kurtz in the early 80’s is gaining international recognition for its successes around treating trauma and hurtful life experiences. Unlike traditional forms of psychotherapy that starts in the mind, SP is a specific technique that assesses and works with the body and it’s sensations first. The client/therapist team is also a huge focus, for the secrete to this therapy is authenticity during the observations,  interactive dialogue and experimenting to determine the course, pace, and format of treatment.   Information and key points pertinent to the sessions are revealed through focusing and awareness of structural alignment and posture, balance, breathing, and movements.  In each session, SP highlights physical, emotional and mental strengths. With this method,  any “holes” in our health profile can be contacted more confidently.  “Holes” tend to show up in form of locked trauma, fears, unresolved hurts and grief, pain/discomforts and deep physical and emotional wounds.  As strength and holes work together side by side in the body, a more integrated person gets recreated.  This also is a whole person who has the reinstated, organic ability to better metabolize stress and life’s challenges. Again, this technique approaches the body first through an acute awareness of it’s sensations and then incorporates elements of the emotions and the mind. The following are examples of resources that commonly are worked in sessions:

Balance – Leadership – Keeping things in Perspective – Self-awareness – Accountability to someone or something – Responsibility – Generosity – Gratitude – Hope/Joy – Resourcefulness – Sense of Humor – Flexibility – Handling Rejection – Courteousy – Time Management – Support – Learning – Conflict Resolution

For more information and free consultation, please call Holis Wellness Center at 2777-09-29 or visit us on the web at www.spaholis.com.
Holis Wellness Center

Tico Talk – April 2011


By Keilyn Bermúdez Hernández

I. PARTE. Marque con una equis (x) la opción con la conjugación correcta   en el tiempo verbal correspondiente que completa la oración.

1. Ayer yo (ir) ___________ a recorrer algunas tiendas en Quepos.

A) iría     B) iré     C) fui    D)iba

2. Nosotros (caminar)  ___________ para la playa cuando empezó a llover.

A) caminamos      B) caminaríamos     C) caminaban     D) caminaremos

3. Carmelina (leer) __________ a sus hijos  casi  todas las noches cuando (ser) ___________ niños.

A) leía/fueron      B) leyó/iban     C) leía/eran     D)leían/éramos

4. Marta (estar) __________ cantando mientras (bañarse) _____________.

A) está/bañó    B) estaba/ se bañaba     C)estuvo/se baña    D) esta/baño

5. Emanuel (ir) _________ para su restaurante favorito, pero (estar) __________cerrado.
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Sesame Crackers & Roasted Garlic-Red Pepper Dip

I’m not fond of store-bought crackers, so I learned to make my own. Serve these easy to make Sesame Crackers with Roasted Garlic-Red Pepper dip while partying by the pool, as munchies before dinner, or for a snack while watching video-of-the-week.

Roasted Garlic–Red Pepper Dip (1 ½ – 2cups)


  • 1 head of garlic
  • 4 large red peppers
  • spray vegetable oil
  • ½ C cream cheese
  • ½ C plain yogurt
  • 2 Tbs fresh lime juice
  • 3 Tbs fresh basil
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp ground black pepper

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Synopsis of Kids Saving The Rainforest

By Jennifer Rice PhD, President of KSTR & Pia Martin DVM, KSTR Manager and Wildlife Vet

Have you ever wondered what Kids Saving the Rainforest does? Well, now is your chance to find out:

• We have a MINAET licensed Wildlife Rescue Center in the heart of ManuelAntonio with over 4 acres of land, 11 cages, and housing for our vet and rehabber. Last year KSTR rescued and rehabilitated 116 animals and released 50% of them. The average in other center worldwide is 33% so we are very pleased with the success rate.

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo
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