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Are your swimming pool and spa tiles falling off?

By Costa Rica Pools & Construction

Tiles, whether ceramic tiles or natural stone or glass tiles, should not fall off.  There are all-tiled pools that go back over 100 years and they are still performing well today.  Tile when installed correctly is a great pool or spa tile that not only looks great and prestigious, but should last the life of the pool.

Chances are when the tile was installed it was not installed per industry standards and it has several compounding defects.  Generally speaking when there is a problem it is not due to one single factor, but due to compounding defects.  Keep in mind that most installers do not learn their trade from a college or trade school, but rather learn on the job, so quite often they are not familiar with industry standards or the complexity of high risk applications such as swimming pools and spas that needs to be properly waterproofed.  We have repaired hundreds of swimming pools with improper installation. The most common thing we find is that the previous installer did not use the proper thin-set to attach the tile and/or tried to use a grout not designed for under water application, we have even seen where they used either the thin-set or a homemade concrete mix as a grout. When they cut corners to save money it is a sure way to have a failure or problem in a very short time. Another issue we see with tile falling off is the improper water chemistry. Your pool water must maintain calcium hardness levels of 200-400 PPM to stop the water from being corrosive and attacking the new grout and any metals including your equipment. We offer free water test to see how your calcium levels are in your pool and we can repair any pool problems you may have.

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  • Essentially, rebuilding or enhancement of pool is done on its flooring, side walling including outer floor covering of the ground round the place. It is really good to read your ideas.

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