Guest Writer

David Leon Root (1939-2024)

Many will remember David as the “happiest man in the world.” He lived life with a passion for travel, wildlife, music, making people laugh, and most of all, for his wife Evelyn. David married his soulmate, Evelyn, who shared his passion for the road less travelled. During their 49 years

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Michele Poff

Veganizing Your Favorite Foods

“Mmmmmm.” Delicious foods hit our tongues with a burst of delight. They trigger dopamine releases and allow us to truly enjoy the entirety of our life existence in this fleeting moment. They make us smile from within, let escape an unintended moan, and transport us almost to transcendence. Ahhh. One

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A Bird's Eye View


Hummingbird photos: Toni Tsay, instagram: @tonitsay Most hummingbirds beat their wings 60 to 80 times per second. The name hummingbird comes from the humming sound their wings make as they fly. These birds’ flexible shoulder joints allow their wings to rotate 180 degrees, which enables backward flight and stationary hovering.

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