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Del Silencio a la Libertad

DSL’s mission is to combat the pervasive and accepted occurrences of Rape and Incest in Latin America and the damage caused by them. Using therapy/12-step meetings, education campaigns, and social media, we hope to bring this secret out into the open and promote healing to the victims, and awareness and cultural change in the societies that condone these criminal offenses.

Del Silencio a la Libertad, through meetings in different places in Costa Rica, has been utilizing a 12 steps program (by  Survivors of Incest Anonymous) for healing and recovery from sexual abuse. These meetings have had a genuinely positive effect on the lives of the victims who decided to come out of their silence toward freedom.

We have created different programs where information, counseling, support, and healing are available to every individual survivor and are the keys to success. We work with victims and survivors of all ages, all genders, of all forms of sexual violence and sexual abuse; and we also work alongside schools, churches, organizations, etc., where awareness and prevention can be taught to stop sexual abuse from happening.


To be able to assist the victims of sexual abuse from the legal side and thus be able to counteract the chaos that the process entails for the victim. It is well known that the legal system against the abuser has not been optimal in Latin countries. Del Silencio a la Libertad longs to bring justice to the victim.

Del Silencio a la Libertad understands the need for a safe place for victims of sexual abuse. The need to find freedom outside the home, away from their abuser, is critical. In the future, The House of Freedom will be that refuge for many victims seeking freedom.

Weekly recovery and healing meetings:

Thursday at 6:00 pm at Uvita Christian Academy in Uvita
Sundays at 5:00 pm at Rio de Gracia Church in Hatillo, Quepos.

Contact info:

[email protected]
WhatsApp +50687490040
Facebook and Instagram/Del Silencio a la Libertad

The Birth of Quepolandia by Ana Lyons


Before deciding to move to Costa Rica, I had already retired from the “rat race” and was working a few different jobs while living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. One of the last jobs there was with a publishing company, although my job was accounting and personnel—not publishing. But I suppose all those ideas flowing around the office must have found a place tucked away into my mind’s data bank.

I had known for a long time that I would love to live in a tropical environment after visiting Puerto Rico, Haiti, Barbados and Jamaica. My boyfriend at the time felt the same way, and since he was a surfer, we finally decided Costa Rica should be our next home. Fortunately, my 20 years “rat race” career allowed me to have a small financial advantage which provided the means for the move.

The first Costa Rican adventure was a small bar, restaurant, and cabins—el Oasis Americano—on the beautiful Playa Matapalo, a few kilometers south of Quepos. It didn’t take long to realize this was not my Costa Rican dream job.

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Recherché – 1 Year Anniversary Sale!

We are celebrating our One Year Anniversary! We have never had a storewide sale before. So this IS IT! Honestly, EVERYTHING in the store’s showroom is on sale. EVERY DAY we will have very special unique items for sale at 50% off the regular price, ONLY for that day. The next day we will change the special items that are 50% off. Which be the way, are BELOW our cost (wholesale price paid, shipping from the US, Europe or Asia, 30% import tax paid to the Costa Rican government…) You MUST come into the store to see that day’s 50% off items (no phone calls.) All other items in the store are listed below, and their percentage off.

Many of these items are either one-of-a-kind or there is only one or just a few left. Once they are gone, they are gone.

We just received a new 40 foot container shipment a couple weeks ago, containing: 3 new styles of sleeper sofas, exciting home décor, amethyst and quartz crystals, 5 new ‘gear’ clocks (all styles sold out within weeks last shipment!), new floral and greenery, 7 new side tables, sofa tables, coffee tables, new art, 5 new faux (yet, lifelike) coral décor, agate and marble décor and so much more… ALL ON SALE NOW!

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Ralene Boshoff


Envision Festival 2023, February 27 – March 6

How does it feel to be back and are there any changes to how the festival will put on?

During the pandemic, most of the festival site withered away and was devoured by the jungle. As a result around 80 to 90% of the structures, you see when you attend this year will be completely new. It also gave us a chance to move around a few things so even those who have been to the festival year after year, will have to take some time to get re-oriented. It’s a whole new jungle adventure.

Can you explain your Pillars and how they have grown over the years?

Every party should have a purpose beyond just the celebration. For us, we’re about making ourselves, the place where we party, and the relationship we have with Earth a whole lot better. Our pillars are how we communicate that both in the planning stages of our event and in everything we do during it.

Can you elaborate more on Somos el cambio?

From planting trees to cleaning up beaches, we do a lot each year to make positive impacts in the world, ourselves, and others. Somos el Cambio is the next evolution of that mission. With this evolved platform we’re unifying our goals, streamlining our efforts, and finding ways to go further faster, because—let’s face it—there’s still a lot to do to get this planet of ours back on track.

What are the “must do’s to have a magical Envision?

Drink water. Introduce yourself. And, whatever new experience you find: don’t be afraid to give it a try.

What can we expect from Envision 2023, 3 years in the making. Will anything be different other than 8 days?

The site is mostly all new (as we mentioned above) but there’s also a big emphasis on working more this year with Costa Rica’s top non-profits and eco-minded initiatives. We also will have more of the best international music acts along with many of the Latin music flavors tourist, Ticos, and everyone else has come to expect from Envision Festival.

What are the plans for the future?

You’ll see!

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Location: Below Cosi across from Villas Lirio in Manuel Antonio 

Time: Starting at 12:00 noon


Life Project Education

In 2015, Life Project Education emerged as an experimental homeschool project, a seedling in a modest 2-bedroom, one-bathroom rental home in Manuel Antonio. Four years later, seeking permanent roots, founder Alys Jasmine Robinson relocated to an expansive 16-bedroom, 16-bathroom dream estate where her once intimate project is now a blooming, vibrant alternative educational initiative serving 70 students.

New branches of this tree of learning continue to grow like the young minds it nurtures. Once an offering for ages 5-9, Life Project now offers preschool, prekindergarten, elementary education, and the current Upper Years children (ages 11-13) are co-creating their future secondary education campus, a collaborative project called “The Village”. Projected to start construction in December 2022, the Village at Life Project Education will accommodate adolescents through 12th grade.

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2022 Aqua Inspirations

After months of planning, the International Game Fish Tournament Observers (IGFTO), Junior Achievement-Costa Rica, and Marina Pez Vela Youth Career Day, titled Aqua Inspiration, kicked off on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Twenty team members and volunteers met up Wednesday at Runway Grill for a walk-through of the sequence of events in the afternoon, followed by a tasty dinner hosted by the IGFTO.
On Thursday, IGFTO personnel and the Junior Achievement-Costa Rica team met all student and school administrative participants at Liceo de Londres School. All participants were presented with event shirts labeled Aqua Inspiration, followed by comprehensive training by Junior Achievement-Costa Rica on critical career-building skills such as team building, communication and self-presentation, and leadership.

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Pelagic Pura Vida Blue Marlin Classic

Hosted by world class Marina Pez Vela, in Quepos Costa Rica, March 24 – 27, 2022, International anglers from Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and South Africa joined those from across the United States including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, and Texas, to participate in the first Bluewater fishing tournament of its kind.

With a truly unique tournament format that featured “no boundaries” as well as offering separate “sonar and non-sonar” divisions, this tournament was a true reflection of PELAGIC’s bold and innovative spirit, and willingness to try new things to improve the tournament experience for all participating anglers and teams.

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PAWS Battle of the Bands Fundraiser April 3 @ Ronny’s Place

Renacido: The Artist Reborn

Renacido Festival hosted their inaugural event in Manuel Antonio from Friday to Sunday, November 26-28, 2021. Billed as a celebration of the rebirth of art in Costa Rica, the festival brought many local and international artists together to create and make music together. To ensure safety and limit the crowd, music was dispersed between three venues: Papugami’s at Tres Banderas, Plinio, and Hotel La Colina with a shuttle running constantly between each.

Things heated up on Friday night, as each venue had a unique combination of sound, ranging from soulful folk and moody blues to high energy funk.
Andre Nowacki, manager of Papugami Tiki Bar at Tres Banderas Hotel, said, “The different locations to enjoy amazing music was a top experience of the festival, never a dull moment!”

On Saturday night, over at Plinio, Tommy Panamarenko and Bethany Joy shared their more acoustic sound and haunting harmonies. At Hotel La Colina, the Fagan brothers Ben and Chris raised the energy level to the delight of their fans who traveled from Dominical and Uvita. Over at Tres Banderas Hotel, After Irma, a band based in the US Virgin Islands but with some roots in Costa Rica rocked it out. The guitarist and singer-songwriter RC Sanders lived for some time in Dominical and produced an album during his time there in 2020. This time, he brought the band to play their original groove style with a violinist and percussion player.

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La Colina – Renacido Festival

Renacido Festival

logoNovember 26th – 28th, 2021
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Renacido (reborn) is a celebration of the rebirth of art in Costa Rica. As  have we all, the arts suffer financially during the pandemic, yet we still share our hearts and passion, keeping hope and faith alive in the quarantined,  the ill, and the struggling. With the world and our workspaces closed  or restricted, limiting us from making a living, Renacido blesses us with a multi-venue music event for the artist,  by the artist. Warm your soul with Fire dancers. Inspire the artist while they create live murals in the jungle to the sound of local and touring musicians in the stunning township on the hill, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Come! Vibe with us!

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Brisa Elegante


Quepos has a new landmark in the Marina Pez Vela, the 100 ft wooden sail cruiser Brisa Elegante. With her two masts, she dominates the view of the marina. Come and check it out yourselves!

boatWhat kind of sailship is this?

Brisa Elegante was built in 2010 by the Fethiye Shipyard in Turkey. She is a Gulet, a type of sail cruiser known for its spacious and robust design. Shipbuilding in the area of Fethiye has a long tradition. Even the Phoenicians more than 2000 years ago had their ships built in this region. Gulet became popular in the 1930s in the Eastern Mediterranean, with growing popularity during the following decades. Today, Gulets are popular for day cruises and week charters in the Meds, especially in Turkey, Greece, and Croatia. But Brisa Elegante is special! Her hull is built from solid 3-inch mahogany planks, giving her a unique look and strength. She boasts a spacious foredeck, giving room for functions, weddings, parties, and for your family and friends to enjoy a cruise on the Pacific Ocean.

Why does Brisa Elegante look like a pirate ship?

Well, she is built in a very traditional way, like sailships have been built for centuries. In the days of the Buccaneers, the ships were about the same size as the ship you see now lying in the marina. Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria had nearly the same size as Brisa Elegante and a crew of 45 sailors. However, she is no replica of a pirate ship; she is built to an original and traditional design. So, by boarding her, you will get the very feeling that generations of sailors had during the past 500 years!

interiorWhat kind of tours do you offer?

To start growing your sea legs, you can join us for a morning or a sunset cruise. This cruise takes you from the Marina Pez Vela along the coast of Manuel Antonio along the shore of the National Park. Experience how sailors have felt, leaving the harbor and setting sails. Feel the wind moving the ship forward and see the water rushing under the bow and along the hull, an adventure you will never forget.

We serve refreshments and small snacks during the cruise and will stop for a swim and snorkel break.

If you are in for longer cruises, you are welcome to be on a charter with Brisa Elegante. She has 5 staterooms with double beds, each with an ensuite bathroom, and comes with full board. Explore the natural wonders and relax on the sundeck. Listen to music at the bar, sit with friends and family, and enjoy guided excursions from the comfort of the ship. It will bring you to the best spots without the hassle of repacking your luggage every other day.

Contact us at [email protected].