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What do Carbon Footprint and Carbon Neutral mean?

There’s a whole new world of terms out there that may be confusing to you, such as Carbon Footprint and Carbon Neutral.  We are going to explain them and hopefully teach you to reduce your carbon footprint! 

So, just what does Carbon Footprint mean?  Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide given out through the use of fossil fuels by a person on a daily basis.

Do you want to know how much carbon do you emit?  There are lots of websites on the internet to calculate your footprint, but the one listed below is one that seems to work easily.   (Please note that you have to say that you live in the US or Canada to get your calculations).

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What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Carbon Neutral is when you neutralize your carbon impact, by reducing your use of carbon, and for what you can’t reduce and remains; you can offset your impact by planting trees or purchasing items to help the environment in amounts equal to what you are emitting.

Costa Rica is on the leading edge of all of this with hopes to be the first carbon neutral country in 2021 on its 200th Anniversary.  Companies are racing to become Carbon Neutral in Costa Rica and kudos to some who are already there, like Rainmaker and Kids Saving The Rainforest.  If you know of any others, please let us know.

What can we all do to become carbon neutral?  We can become carbon neutral by figuring out our carbon footprints and then by offsetting them by planting trees. How can you plant trees if you don’t have trees nor land to plant them on?  KSTR can plant the trees for you!  Not only will you feel good but you will make a difference in keeping the planet around longer!

In honor of Costa Rica’s trying to become carbon neutral by 2021, Kids Saving The Rainforest is offering a special on tree adoptions!  You can adopt trees for the special prices below:

1 for $20

2 for $30

5 for $50

10 for $75

100 for $500

If you want to adopt a tree or trees, stop by our store located adjacent to the Mono Azul Rainforest Restaurant and tell the store attendant that you want to adopt trees, or you can order online through Paypal by going to our website: and going to our donation page.

Let’s all try to do our part to make it all happen and help save the planet!