Captain Jon AndersonFishing Report

Fishing Report – December 2011

Well, what can be said for the month of November for fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica, as well as the fishing in most of the waters of Costa Rica “RAIN”!!  On the upside with December upon us the rain should be subsiding.  We still have almost nightly showers and a few daytime mists.  With all that, there is light at the end of our rainy season and the beginning of our beautiful sunny days ahead.

Our fishing season looks to be very promising this year already!  Since the beginning of November, Dorado (Mahi, Mahi) have been running 8 to 12 miles out from shore.  Boats have been catching 15 to 30 pounders.  Compared to last year’s numbers the Dorado seem to be on Vacation.  The Sailfish have been on the rise.  Quepos boats have been catching anywhere from 1 to 6 Sailfish offshore approximately 30 to 40 miles out.

With the rain letting up and the rivers and streams slowing down with run off waters subsiding, our oceans should be starting to clear up from all the silt.  Once the silt settles the inshore fishing should be picking back up.  Especially the Rooster Fish, Cobera, Snapper and others will be biting again.

With December here, the Papagayo winds will be arriving.  What that means to our fishing is the Sailfish and Marlin will be moving south towards Quepos to Panama.  The winds cause a lack of oxygen pushing the Sailfish and Marlin to travel towards the center and Southern parts of Costa Rica.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a great season of fishing!!  We wish all you fishermen out there the best of luck.  We at Tropical Waters Sport Fishing support catch and release to keep the fish population up for future generations to come.


Captain Jon Anderson “Fastrak”