Pat CheekQué Pasa en Quepos

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – July 2010

Bienvendio/Welcome to our beautiful corner of Paradise- blue blue skies- beautiful green trees and plants and maybe a little rain – but then it is “Green Season”…….so enjoy everything you do while visiting Quepos/Manuel Antonio & all of Costa Rica….and we have lots for you to do! Try flying thru the air on a zip line, rafting a rushing river, repelling down a waterfall, horseback riding on one of our beautiful beaches, snorkeling/diving, or parasailing – you name we have it for an exciting vacation —or—just relax on the beach or at the pool with a cool drink and watch the birds and monkeys play – visit with our advertisers and hear the stories of the locals – we guarantee you won’t be bored…..and when you get hungry rest assured that we have the finest restaurants with the freshest food to delight everyone in your group. Enjoy our Pura Vida life style – relax and stay awhile……we hope that you have found Quepolandia helpful and enjoyable – we would like to thank David for the great Marlin picture which makes our cover this month- and check our website for other wonderful photos sent in by our readers…………on June 1st Mother Nature hit this area hard with high sustained winds & rain—toppling many of our beautiful trees, knocking out power/telephone – damaging homes and businesses- & closing the Manuel Antonio National Park for a week – we would like to thank everyone from government agency to the general local population that pitched in to clean us up and get us back in business………………so enjoy your stay and come back soon……………caio………….P

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Book ReviewJim Parisi

Rainforests of Costa Rica and Beyond

Did you know that frogs don’t drink water? It’s true: instead of lapping it up with their tongues in the conventional sense like a dog or a cat, frogs absorb water through their skin. I learned this bit of interesting information, and a lot more, when I recently read Adrian Forsyth’s new book, “Rainforests – Costa Rica and Beyond”. Forsyth, and award winning author and biologist, is definitely at home in the rainforest, drawing on more than forty years of experience as reference to present this publication. And it is some impressive experience that Adrian brings to the table: Vice President of the Blue Moon Fund, Director of Biodiversity Science for the Andean/Amazon Foundation, a PhD from Harvard in tropical ecology, Vice President of Conservation International, a research associate at the Smithsonian Institute, and the list goes on from there. Forsyth is also the author of at least five books ensconced in ecology, including the eye-catching title, “The Natural History of Sex”.

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Jack EwingNature and Local History Stories


These days everybody knows that Costa Rica is a Central American country located between Panama and Nicaragua, but there was a time when it was fairly common for people to confuse it with Puerto Rico. I once made that mistake myself. Little did I know that I would end up living here for most my life.

As director of Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge, I meet lots of people and am often asked the question: “How long have you been here?”

“Forty years”

“Wow, what did you do, come down here on vacation and never leave?”

“Well no, it wasn’t quite like that.”

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Crazy From the HeatMatt Casseday

Say Goodbye To My Outie

So there I was, strapped to a gurney in the Quepos hospital. My bata was askew, private parts exposed, and a self-assured man in a green surgical suit was fitting a breathing apparatus over my nose and mouth. “Respire profundo”, he ordered, and I took one, two, three deep breaths. As consciousness slipped away, brutally and rapidly, my last thought was: `This must be what its like to die.´

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Bruce ZabovCooking Corner

Homemade Pizza

This issue we’re doing homemade pizza and, as it turns out, the house is sold, and this will also be my final column so we’ll celebrate with a pizza “party” before we return to the U.S. in June.

Whether you’re settling in for a quiet afternoon or evening at home or planning a party there’s always something festive feeling with pizza on the menu! ( In Italian “pizza literally means”pie”). Or it’s handy to have in the freezer so it’s ready for a quick snack or you need a quick bite to eat if you’re in a rush.

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Guest Writer

La Pura Vida de Costa Rica

The sun played well its roll today. It changed a cold desert into a less cold but glowing desert at sunrise. It back-lit the Organ Mountains. Then it warmed the desert floor and inched it’s way into dark corners and brightened them and warmed them. The day grew warmer and brighter with each passing hour.

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