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“Giving and Serving” Program

delphinesThe School “Centro Educativo Los Delfines” from Quepos; participated in the annually Olympic Race for children sponsored by Program Giving and Serving.

Josué the physical education teacher and parents took a group of children all the way to Coronado in San José at the Olympic Facilities. This participation was possible thanks to the financial support from Scott Cutter and Sol Scharf who provided private transportation for the kids and parents. The kids had a fantastic time and also had the opportunity to participate in the video clip that won the Central American Games San José 2013.

delfinesDelfinesWe hope that more kids from all schools can be included next year at the Olympic Race, and we invite Private firms to sponsor the trip for next year and then provide of a special gift and opportunity to our children. Let´s give then the opportunity to become athletes and let´s motivate them to practice sports.

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Nancy Torres

Director of Global Initiatives for Costa Rica

“Giving and Serving” Program

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