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Congratulations QUEPOLANDIA! by Pat Cheek

25 years of amazing publications!

The sustainability of such just blows me away! Starting with Ana, followed by me and now with Dave at the helm with Paul as always putting it all together in beautiful form. Dave has expanded the Quepolandia from Uvita to Jaco bringing in new advertisers, readers and ideas!

Paul has the longest tenure of any of us! It was the best job I ever had and as a relative newcomer to the area it truly opened the door to this fabulous community for me to be a part of for eight great years. I knew not the first thing about putting a magazine together but I learned and Paul was the best teacher and coworker I could have asked for. Thanks to Ana for bringing us together. In spite of the times he’d have gladly shot me to get me to shut up—we formed a lasting friendship!

This community has been the constant in the success of Quepolandia! From the advertisers, the gang of volunteer writers, to those that dream of having their prized photo make the cover, to every tourist who has been helped to locate something, or laughed at the jokes, it is this amazing community that has showed their support by trying to get their hands on each copy come the first of the month without fail. We weathered the storm of COVID, the loss of tourists and a terrible economy that followed, but we as a community have made it back to what was always there, Pura Vida and the QUEPOLANDIA!

I am forever grateful to have been a part of Quepolandia…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Congratulations Quepolandia and Happy 20th Anniversary!

Pat Cheek

This July marks a huge milestone for the Quepolandia! 20 years is quite an accomplishment for any magazine, but particularly in Quepos, Costa Rica! 

Ana Lyons had a wonderful vision when she started the ball rolling. Going from a few pages copied and stapled together to a beautiful full color digital print magazine. After Ana’s 10½ year run I had the privilege of taking over. The 7+ years I ran it amounted to one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I learned things I never dreamed of knowing about publishing and design layout. The teaching came from the most capable layout designer I could have asked for in Paul Rees. Paul continues to do an awesome job with the Quepolandia.

Not only was the job fun but it gave me an entrance into working with an amazing community and making many friends. I am so pleased that Dave is at the helm now! As the magazine continues to grow…the sky’s the limit and maybe another 20 years is in its future!! Keep up the great work Dave and Paul and thanks for the community support all these years!

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – July 2016

July 2016 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepolandia! Our rains have returned and we are about a 100 shades of GREEN…Yes we love RAIN here in the rainforest and hope that you can work your plans    around it…our little corner of  Paradise has everything you need from exciting TOURS and delicious FOOD of all types…so get out and make some memories!…This Que Pasa will be a little different than usual as we have some really BIG NEWS…Quepolandia has changed hands and is starting a new chapter it is also celebrating its 18th year in PRINT! Pretty amazing!  I have decided the time was right to change my status from owner to retired but it is bittersweet as I have immensely enjoyed my 7 ½ yrs as Quepolandia Pat…I am so thankful for the experience and this amazing community for its continued support of this one & only publication that Ana Lyons began with stapled, copied B/W 10 pages ..to what it has grown to be…it is time for new ideas and energy! I am happy to announce the new owner is Dave Bolger, 6 yr. ex-pat resident from New Jersey…he will be working hard to bring you a new and exciting Quepolandia & begin this new chapter…I wish him much continued success and fun with his new career…I can’t leave without thanking Paul Rees, layout & design, who has been with me since our first issue and taught me so very much, Paul, you are what I will miss about deadline! Paul will be staying with the Q and for now it looks like Karma gets to hold her” korner” as needed…since I’m lousy at long good byes… thanks for a wonderful time and know that y’all are very special to me…ciao for now……..P

NOW a few words from Dave:   Well you are a tuff act to follow. I am honored to be carrying on an area tradition that I have read, shared and loved for many years. Looking forward to helping the wonderful business connect with our incredible guests. I want to thank Mari Borge for the cover photo. Please continue following on fb and Quepolandia.com Thank you Pat for being you and for everything you have done for the community. I hope to make you proud!!!

Peace & enjoy…..D

Pat, Ana & Dave

Pat, Ana & Dave


¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May-June 2016

May - June 2016 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our little corner of beautiful Costa Rica we are happy to have you visiting….we have had one of the hottest summers anyone can remember. If you see us out dancing in the rain just join in as we really need the rain to put the green back in our rainforest! Look for afternoon and evening showers and enjoy as they won’t slow down you fun! We have all the great tours available for your enjoyment from white water rafting to zip lines and now new to our pages is the EcoTram tour at Hacienda Baru. The tram is the first of its kind in Costa Rica and provides you with your own personal tram car to tour the rainforest at your own speed…you are able to stop it, rotate and back up for better views all under your own control! Wow what a great way to see the animals and birds of the rainforest….Hacienda Baru is about 20mins south of Quepos just before Dominical..check out their ad for details on page 2. We would also like to welcome Skydive Costa Rica to Quepolandia…for all you daredevils and thrill seekers here’s your chance to jump tandem with a qualified expert and really take in the view! See their ad on pg 11—for all the details. We would like to thank John Westgard of Mono Azul in MA for our great cover shot…the adorable coatimundi making its first debut on the cover of Quepolandia…thanks John! Time flies it seems as here it is Miss Virginia Utley’s birthday again on May 20th. We are wishing the Queen of Quepos a very Happy 94th Birthday! Party on girlfriend- we love you! …new hours at Mira Olas @ Hotel Kamuk 6am-10 & 5pm-10pm and now Happy Hour everyday from 5-7pm with a great sunset view! That about wraps it up for our two month issue so we will see you back here in July…have a wonderful stay and tell your friends about us…follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia and here  …now get out and have some fun…..ciao………P

See you at the PAWS fundraiser June 25 Runaway Grill Marina Pez Vela! 5-9

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – April 2016

April 2016 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Paradise…we turned on the heat for you! There’s  always a chance for a little rain in April …no worries it certainly won’t be enough to rain out any plans that you might have and we really need it as we are “cooked” …you may even want to dance in the rain to cool off a little…………hopefully we have all survived and enjoyed Semana Santa and we can catch our breath as we welcome all the anglers and their family and friends to the 2016 Offshore World Championship with teams literally from all over the world competing for top honors hosted by Marina Pez Vela—Fishing on Apr.16-21st…the public is welcome to watch the boats go out early and watch the weigh in as they return around 4pm…all billfish are protected by catch and release here…only meat fish(dorado & tuna) are brought in to weigh… We have everything you need from all the best tours that Costa Rica has to offer as not everyone fishes!.. to all the best restaurants every type for your enjoymentwe have tons of top notch live music almost every night of the week so check the schedule on  pg 58 for what’s happening…we would like to thank David for the great marlin photo – our cover shot this month  (sorry we don’t have David’s last name or where he’s from but hopefully he will see that once again he made the cover)… Just a reminder as to the power of the ocean – we at times have a pretty strong riptide so take care when swimming or body surfing  and  keep an eye on those little ones…enjoy our beautiful area , tell your friends about us and when you get home you can stay in touch here or on facebook.com/Quepolandia …we welcome your comments and hope to see you around….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia…ciao for now……P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2016

Cover March 2016Bienvenidos/Welcome to Quepolandia…we know you’ll have a great time! It looks like another busy month what with St. Patrick’s Day and Semana Santa plus Spring Break for many schools in the US…lots of weddings happening in our beautiful location and just general great fun. We have it all…every tour you could ask for from sportfishing to ziplining and everything in between. We have awesome restaurants to tempt your taste buds and lots of fun places to have a nice cold drink. When visiting our advertisers please tell them you found them in Quepolandia! We would like to thank Manuel Cabalceta for our beautiful cover shot of the Quetzal. This one was taken at Los Quetzales Nat’l Park, located about half way between San Isidro and San Jose. Manuel is an awesome guide for trips all over Costa Rica, you can check our his website at manuelstours.com or call 8719-6195…he keeps promising us an article about the birds of our area…we look forward to it and more great photos! For our visitors we’d like to tell you about Semana Santa (Holy Week)…be prepared for lots of traffic as Ticos leave the city and come to their beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio…our best advice is slow downdrive defensively – be patient and kind… also at times we have a strong riptide so use care when swimming at the beach…please remember to pick up your trash…we wish everyone a happy and safe March…have a great time and remember you can follow us  here or on facebook.com/Quepolandia …we welcome your comments and hope you tell your friends about our little paradise and come back soon…………ciao for now…..P

PS: this issue marks the 7th Anniversary for me with Quepolandia and I would like to thank Paul Rees for always doing great layout and design…welcome home… we have missed you!  A huge thank you to all our advertisers and writers for making this magazine possible!

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – February 2016

February 2016 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful corner of Costa Rica…we are happy you chose our area to enjoy…we know you won’t be disappointed!…This is one busy month starting with the Quepos Billfish Tournament out of our beautiful Marina Pez Vela the 3rd-6th…there are lots of activities open to the public so check out their new column for details in “What’s Shaking at MPV”…then we jump right into Super Bowl 50. No worries you can watch it from the beach at Hawg ‘n’ Bill to the Double Hook in Quepos, to the marina…wherever enjoy…You can barely catch your breath and its Mardi Gras…always a big time at Wacky Wanda’s in Quepos…aslo help PAWS on Feb 11th …check info on page 22. For all you lovers that enjoy Valentine’s Day we have placed hearts on our restaurants that will have a special dinner so look for the red heart and make your reservations…we enjoy great restaurants, top notch tours, beautiful beaches and friendly people… so get out and have some fun, mix with the locals, enjoy live music at its best, sip a cold beverage and be sure to tell our advertisers that you saw them in the Quepolandia. Our cover is of Nauyaca Falls that I was lucky enough to visit this past month. One heck of a hike but beautiful to see and enjoy the refreshing water…its not far from Quepos & the directions are on line. You can do it on your own or check with a tour company. It’s a fun day trip. To all you margarita drinkers we just discovered Nat‘l Margarita Day on the 22nd and Dos Locos in Quepos makes a good one plus the bartender is Margarita! Action packed days & nights so have a wonderful time…enjoy it all and remember you can follow us  here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia. Tell your friends about our corner of Paradise and come back soon………ciao for now………P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – January 2016

January 2016 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to 2016 in Paradise! Happy New Year to everyone – we hope you are having a great time …you have come to a wonderful place to enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer-and more…we have the most exciting tours and most beautiful beaches, an awesome National Park with wonderful trails and views so play hard …We have the finest selection of awesome restaurants and the best of the best advertise with Quepolandia so check out their ads and tell them that you found them in Quepolandia…you will enjoy and eat well!… Everyone is invited to The 5th Battle of the Bands at Rancho Leon Jan. 31st to benefit PAWS- it will be an incredible afternoon of live music continuous from 1pm to 5pm–so come out and hang with the locals and help a great cause…our January Cover comes from the archives of Quepolandia…fruit vendors are a colorful addition to our streets this time of year..we hope you enjoy it. Make a trip to the seawall on Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings for the full farmers market…it’s great fun to see many fruits and veggies you might never have seen before! Go fishing with knowledgeable Capts and crew to provide you with an outstanding off shore or inshore fishing experience so get out there and make some memories… …..you can also get wet with white water rafting with Quepoa Expeditions or renting your own boat with Tres Ninas or go for a wild ride with Manuel Antonio Jet Ski or get some exercise at Mucho Musculo or MA Fitness… you’ll find all their contact info within our pages… Just a word about parking at the beach…when you first get there you don’t have to stop for the guys in the road wanting you to park…there is plenty of parking closer to the National Park…remember to keep an eye on your “stuff”, watch out for riptide and most importantly be safe and have a blast! We hope you enjoy our magazine and beautiful area – you can even follow us on line here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia … we welcome your comments. …Happy New Year…ciao for now… ….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – December 2015

December 2015 coverBeinvenidos/Welcome to Paradise for December 2015…we are rockin’ & rollin’ into High Season and so happy you have come to enjoy our beautiful area! Our rains are coming to an end but we are lush with greenery of every shade right next to the beautiful blue Pacific—you picked a great place to spend time…you will find everything you need right here in Quepolandia. Our pages are full of awesome restaurants of every flavor…new to us are Lush Tapas & Lounge with great food/drinks and an awesome view, Velamar Restaurant in Quepos offering fresh seafood & ceviche, & Buru Restaurant By The Park … they can pack you a box lunch before going to Manuel Antonio National Park…oh and don’t forget to enjoy our beautiful beaches.Port of Quepos is the place to FISH…check out our charter fleet- see our ads- and go catch that BIG one! While at the marina stop in Gelateria Amorosi for a delicious gelato or other tasty treat! It’s yummy! Remember you can call for the Marina Pez Vela Shuttle van and ride for FREE from Manuel Antonio if you eat at the marina. You’ll find all the info in our pages plus great stories. If you are here for Christmas & need a gift…pick up a box of delicious SIBU chocolates from Tulemar or visit Mot Mot Gallery, La Tombola, & The Captain’s Booty for great gifts ….that special dinner will be available at several of our restaurants…see ads – downtown Quepos will have a New Year’s Eve celebration in front of the seawall complete with fireworks at midnight and live music—my favorite party of the year! Dos Locos Restaurante has live music and party favors, too.  We will try to update the planned activities  here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia …  as they come in………we would like to thank Paul Gerace of Dominical again this year for our December cover, Leaf Insect and the Helicona—made the perfect Christmas cover!  Reach Paul at www.photosofcostarica.com. Enjoy all our tours whether it’s flying thru the jungle on a zipline with Titi Canopy, cruising the mangrove with Kayak Lodge or running the rapids with Quepoa Expeditions…just get out there and have fun –if you need special photography see ads for Sarah Yunker or Sharing Life Photography both are listed in our directory … be safe..be aware. Seems the year has just zipped by… I would like to take a minute to thank this awesome community for its continued support of Quepolandia… without our advertisers and writers we would have no purpose. Muchisimas Gracias to all of you – Happy Holidays and see ya in 2016!……….P    Don’t miss the Lighted Boat Parade Dec. 5th at Marina Pez Vela activities begin at 4pm

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – November 2015

November 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful green and lush little corner of Paradise! We are happy to have you with us as see a winding down of our rainy season, although it hasn’t been all that rainy – good & bad –…we are sure to have more rain thru the month so just enjoy the sun and love the rain – it is a rainforest after all! We thought our new cover would brighten any cloudy day…something a little different for us thanks to Candyce Weir, long time local ex-pat Canadian. The cover represents only a small portion of a very large painting by Candyce of multiple molas…we hope you like it as much as we do…thanks Candyce for letting us share this little part! Our awesome array of restaurants are open and ready to serve you great food from gallo pinto to the freshest seafood and more! We have it all! Many will be serving up a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for your enjoyment plus the Hawg ‘n’ Bill will have Turkey & NFL Football, too!.. Before you eat too much be sure to enjoy our many tours. Take in our famous Manuel Antonio National Park or a Jungle Night Tour, go parasailing with Aguas Azules or zip lining with Titi Canopy and try the new Jungle Gym , enjoy the thrill or whitewater rafting with Quepoa Expeditions…you will find all their info in our pages…so get out and have some fun…don’t forget world class sportfishing – just give Tranquilo Charters a call for an awesome fishing experience! There will also be the 5th annual Quepos Tennis Tournament at the Tennis Club so go watch the action on Nov 1st and the 7th & 8th for some great tennis! Keep an eye out for Toys for Tots collection boxes. Just drop in an unwrapped toy to brighten a child’s Christmas…toys will be distributed at the Quepos Children’s Christmas Party but more about that next month…until then enjoy your stay and tell your friends what a great time you had… be sure to keep up with us at www.quepolandia.com and fb…we welcome your comments………ciao for now …P

Farewell to Our Friend Lance Bennett: The Harp Man

Lance "The Harp Man" Bennett

Lance “The Harp Man” Bennett

Things you might not have known about Lance:

Lance was born in Surrey, England in 1949, started playing the harmonica at around age 18 and that’s all he ever did. Every job he had was held only for the purpose of keeping him going between gigs. He emigrated to Canada when he was 19. He and Letty met in Toronto in 1982, came to Quepos for the first time in 1995, and moved here 5 years later. Our little community benefited greatly by that move.

In his 25 year career he has covered folk, delta and Chicago blues, country music, western swing, bluegrass, lounge jazz, latin jazz, pop, rhythm and blues, and an “all-too-brief” stab at rap. Lance was known for his breadth of musical styles and his virtuosity on the harmonica.

Read More…

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September-October 2015

September-October 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to the heart of our Green Season…also known as Rainy Season and boy can it rain…September is sometimes very nice with lots of sunny mornings before rain in the afternoon so get out and enjoy your day early…we are glad you have come to Quepolandia and hope you enjoy your visit….this issue covers 2 months and we will let you in on what’s going on for both months…Sept. 15th is Costa Rica Independence Day complete with a wonderful parade..it generally gets under way about 10:30 to 11 am but it varies & takes place in downtown Quepos…lots of children dressed in traditional costume and floats and marching bands like you have never seen…don’t miss it! This year represents the 194nd year of independencePura Vida…we need to mention that many of our fine restaurants take time off in the 2 months for vacations for employees…we recommend that you call ahead as to not be disappointed …thankfully for us they don’t all close at the same time! All tours will be operating although some may be on limited times…there is still plenty to do and less crowds so enjoy….we would like to thank Paul Gerace, of Dominical for our great cover shot… of the traditional Ox and Cart with a full load of palm fruit…nice shot!…..to all you photo bugs out there send in a couple of your best shots as we need more all the time(see guidelines in magazine)…October is a quiet month but we try to liven it up with a Chili Cook-Off around the first week so keep your ears open and check  for info here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia … for details….Halloween has become a big event for both Ticos and Gringos so create a costume and come out for the fun from Quepos to Manuel Antonio..at press time we know there will be a party at Dos Locos  in Quepos with a free drink to the best costume and also a party at Marina Pez Vela…stay tuned for more info on our fb page. We are off for a little vacation ourselves and will be back with you for the November issue….have fun, be safe and tell your friends what a great little piece of Paradise we have here…ciao for now…..P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2015

August 2015 coverBienvenidos / Welcome to our beautiful corner of Paradise…. we know you’ll  have a great time. Our little area has everything you need to enjoy a great Costa Rica experience. We have every sort of tour from white water rafting, zip lines, sport fishing or take a walk on the wild side with Jungle Night Tour … you can also “Captain” your own boat with Tres Niñas Boat Rental or take one of their Captains  to snorkel, fish or just enjoy a sunset and now is Whale Watching time so see their ad on page 13…want to play a little tennis?…we are home to an outstanding facility, Tennis Club of Quepos, which offers lessons for all levels, set up a game on one of the two courts…see their ad for more info. After all this activity you are going to be thirsty so drop by one of our drinking establishments, mingle with the locals and have a great meal at one of our many wonderful restaurants…check out Runaway Grill and Mercato del Porto  at Marina Pez Vela…you can also call the Marina Shuttle for a free ride(see their ad pg.27) and in Manuel Antonio  we have great continental  cuisine at Kapi Kapi with  an elegant  atmosphere, plus the Parador Resort & Spa for  a choice a restaurants in a beautiful location… try the oven baked pizza at Hotel Shana or take a spa day…we would like to welcome new business…Lush Tapas & Lounge located on 2nd fl. Plaza Vista  behind Promerica bank…actually the list goes on and on so please enjoy and tell them all that you heard about them in Quepolandia.  August 15th is Costa Rica Mother’s Day and it a big holiday (as it should be) we wish all the Mothers a happy day…..our cover shot is by Sylvia Lyloc of Toronto, Canada a beautiful Passion Flower—thanks Sylvia!…so send in your best shot and you might make the cover of Quepolandia………the Que Quieres Fishing Tournament is Aug 22 to provide food boxes to local families…there may still be openings to participate if interested … don’t forget our beautiful beach and you can try Hawg ‘n’ Bill or d tapas restaurants if you are hungry after that swim!… that wraps it up for this month & remember you can follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia & here online…have a great vacation………..ciao…………….P

…we would like to express our deepest sympathy to Clark McMillan and Paula Bowers for the recent loss of their son, Kory, in Canada.

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – July 2015

July 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful green Paradise! The rains have returned and we are every shade of green plus cooler weather for you to enjoy everything our little area has to offer…and that’s ALOT…..white water rafting with the rivers up, the trip will be exhilarating, zip lining with the best and safest, sportsfishing…or spend some time at Rafiki Safari Lodge racing down the waterslide…parasailing on the beach…you name we have it! We also have beautiful beaches and the world famous Manuel Antonio National Park all just waiting for you to enjoy…please be careful of the riptide while swimming and playing in the ocean…it can be very strong at times. We would like to thank Mike Preston, local ex-pat for our wonderful cover shot…Mike snapped this one while enjoying a sunset with the adorable monotitis at Salsipuedes. Remember, you too might make the cover or Quepolandia so send in those vacation pics…read about the specifications in the magazine…to keep your strength up so you can have all this FUN……we have the BEST RESTAURANTS with a huge variety from gourmet to gourmet ceviche…this month we congratulate Z Seafood & Grill on their new beautiful location at Marina Pez Vela, the same great food(fresh oysters!) and new items plus a great location & now open for B, L & Dinner…also new at the marina with a killer view and outstanding seafood, steaks and pasta is the sister restaurant to Victoria’s in MA, the new Gabriella’s…in Quepos have some great Mexican food at Dos Locos with a tasty margarita or ice cold beer or feeling like awesome Italian try Escalofrio, L’Angolo or La Dolce Vita…or blue Restaurant & Social Lounge recent winner of Best Ceviche Award… pizza at Miguelito’s, Mira Olas above Kamuk or The Boorklyn Bakery(yum yum),  heading up to MA try some great food poolside at Sabor Caribeño Marisqueria above Mimos Hotel, or a tasty breakfast, late lunch or dinner poolside at Mymosito’s at Villas Mymosa… you will find the best of the best advertising within our pages and please tell them you found them in Quepolandia…we would like to welcome back Raphael’s Terrazas which includes the new home of Tropical Sushi by Fuji and a big welcome to the new Oh! Diosas Ceviche, a great little coffee shop, with awesome ceviche & fish tacos just across from the soccer field- upstairs in MA … this is just the tip of the iceberg for our great restaurants…also in MA take in a sunset at Ronny’s Place, awesome food and drink El Lagarto BBQ RestaurantAgua Azul, and Restaurante El Gusto at Hotel Shana  and at the beachHawg n Bill & d tapas, or grab a bite before the Park at La Posada…we want you to have a great time visiting with us…follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia and here online when you get home and tell your friends what an incredible place our little corner of the world is…..ciao for now……….P

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May/June 2015

May-June 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos-Manuel Antonio we are happy to have you visit….we know you will have a great time…May & June begin our “green” or rainy season and we are looking forward to getting green…it has been one hot hot hot dry season….First we would like to wish a very Happy 93nd Birthday to Virginia Utley on May 20th – we  hope she will be celebrating all month long! We have so many great things for you to do from zip lines to off shore fishing and everything in between…just check our advertisers and sign up for a fun time…this issue covers 2 months so we will have extra articles for your reading enjoyment and puzzles. We would like to thank  Alice Stieber of Germany for sending her beautiful photo of the plumeria blossom –makes a great cover -thanks! – enjoy our awesome restaurants …sip a cold one on our beautiful beach and don’t forget the sunblock even if its cloudy – see our beautiful Marina –if you are here on June 27th please join the fun for the PAWS Benefit  to help the animals of our area and the construction of the new shelter – see details on page­­­____ ….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia …have a great time & follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia and here online … travel safe…see you in July…..ciao………..P

*Don’t forget to honor our US Veterans with Papa’s Annual Pig Roast @ Rancho Leon 12 Noon May 25th– Great Music Great food, free donation