Pat Cheek

Congratulations QUEPOLANDIA! by Pat Cheek

25 years of amazing publications!

The sustainability of such just blows me away! Starting with Ana, followed by me and now with Dave at the helm with Paul as always putting it all together in beautiful form. Dave has expanded the Quepolandia from Uvita to Jaco bringing in new advertisers, readers and ideas!

Paul has the longest tenure of any of us! It was the best job I ever had and as a relative newcomer to the area it truly opened the door to this fabulous community for me to be a part of for eight great years. I knew not the first thing about putting a magazine together but I learned and Paul was the best teacher and coworker I could have asked for. Thanks to Ana for bringing us together. In spite of the times he’d have gladly shot me to get me to shut up—we formed a lasting friendship!

This community has been the constant in the success of Quepolandia! From the advertisers, the gang of volunteer writers, to those that dream of having their prized photo make the cover, to every tourist who has been helped to locate something, or laughed at the jokes, it is this amazing community that has showed their support by trying to get their hands on each copy come the first of the month without fail. We weathered the storm of COVID, the loss of tourists and a terrible economy that followed, but we as a community have made it back to what was always there, Pura Vida and the QUEPOLANDIA!

I am forever grateful to have been a part of Quepolandia…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!