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Congratulations Quepolandia and Happy 20th Anniversary!

Pat Cheek

This July marks a huge milestone for the Quepolandia! 20 years is quite an accomplishment for any magazine, but particularly in Quepos, Costa Rica! 

Ana Lyons had a wonderful vision when she started the ball rolling. Going from a few pages copied and stapled together to a beautiful full color digital print magazine. After Ana’s 10½ year run I had the privilege of taking over. The 7+ years I ran it amounted to one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I learned things I never dreamed of knowing about publishing and design layout. The teaching came from the most capable layout designer I could have asked for in Paul Rees. Paul continues to do an awesome job with the Quepolandia.

Not only was the job fun but it gave me an entrance into working with an amazing community and making many friends. I am so pleased that Dave is at the helm now! As the magazine continues to grow…the sky’s the limit and maybe another 20 years is in its future!! Keep up the great work Dave and Paul and thanks for the community support all these years!

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