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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September-October 2015

September-October 2015 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to the heart of our Green Season…also known as Rainy Season and boy can it rain…September is sometimes very nice with lots of sunny mornings before rain in the afternoon so get out and enjoy your day early…we are glad you have come to Quepolandia and hope you enjoy your visit….this issue covers 2 months and we will let you in on what’s going on for both months…Sept. 15th is Costa Rica Independence Day complete with a wonderful parade..it generally gets under way about 10:30 to 11 am but it varies & takes place in downtown Quepos…lots of children dressed in traditional costume and floats and marching bands like you have never seen…don’t miss it! This year represents the 194nd year of independencePura Vida…we need to mention that many of our fine restaurants take time off in the 2 months for vacations for employees…we recommend that you call ahead as to not be disappointed …thankfully for us they don’t all close at the same time! All tours will be operating although some may be on limited times…there is still plenty to do and less crowds so enjoy….we would like to thank Paul Gerace, of Dominical for our great cover shot… of the traditional Ox and Cart with a full load of palm fruit…nice shot!…..to all you photo bugs out there send in a couple of your best shots as we need more all the time(see guidelines in magazine)…October is a quiet month but we try to liven it up with a Chili Cook-Off around the first week so keep your ears open and check  for info here or on  facebook.com/Quepolandia … for details….Halloween has become a big event for both Ticos and Gringos so create a costume and come out for the fun from Quepos to Manuel Antonio..at press time we know there will be a party at Dos Locos  in Quepos with a free drink to the best costume and also a party at Marina Pez Vela…stay tuned for more info on our fb page. We are off for a little vacation ourselves and will be back with you for the November issue….have fun, be safe and tell your friends what a great little piece of Paradise we have here…ciao for now…..P

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