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The Monkey Bridges Are Up Again!

Titi-on-Monkey-bridgeBy Adriana Quesada, Manager of KSTR

As most of you know, a huge storm hit the Manuel Antonio and Quepos area in June, downing thousands of trees and branches, which in turn destroyed numerous monkey bridges.

The KSTR Monkey Bridge Crew went out several times to evaluate the damages, and found that a total of 32 bridges were affected by the storm, some of them partially damaged and many of them completely destroyed.Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

KSTR was forced to ask for help from the community for the first time since 2001, due to the magnitude of the damage. The total cost to fix and replace the bridges was estimated to be about $2000.  It was very important to put the bridges back up as soon as possible, because the monkeys were dying where bridges were missing.

titi-bridge-placingICE helped by giving a crew and 2 cherry pickers to work on the bridges with the KSTR team.   All of the bridges were replaced and new ones put up where other trees had come down.

It was then discovered that more bridges were needed on personal property where many trees fell and the monkeys could no longer pass in the canopy. So more bridges were needed and more funds.  Thanks to a Press Release put out by donor, Byblos Resort and Casino, the rest of the money was raised.

Kimberly Barron, Director of Marketing for Hotel Byblos Resort & Casino wrote “To ensure the survival of the critically endangered squirrel monkey species, bridges have to be replaced, and new locations investigated and erected due to the storm.”

monkeys-crossing-bridge-over-hotelKimberly also stated “This is not just a feel good donation; these monkeys are one of the main attractions for tourism in our area. Local Manuel Antonio hotels and tourism operations that depend on National and International visitors cannot afford to ignore this calamity. It’s a win-win donation as far as we are concerned.”

The bridges have been a huge part of the success of Squirrel Monkeys’ population increase and without them there would be many more electrocutions and deaths.

We want to thank the following businesses and people who have helped:

Byblos Resort and Casino

Hotel Mono Azul & Rainforest Restaurant

Titi Conservation Alliance

Casa de Frutas – Dave Houck

Blake Vojta

Scott Wollin

Rick Kendle

Brian and Mary Kendle

Thomas Joseph Farrell

Linda Riden

Charlie Strehlo

Marcos Pabon

Adam Morse

The above donations were received as of the time of publication.  If you donated later, thank you as well!

If you are able to make a donation to help with the monkey bridge project, or with any other KSTR project, please go to and click on donations and adoptions.  The Rainforest thanks you!

One thought on “The Monkey Bridges Are Up Again!

  • Hello, my name is Oliver and I try to make a “Monkey-Bridge” proyect in the Nicoya Peninsula.

    Project: Monkey-Bridges in Nicoya – Costa Rica

    The project is very simple – construct as many Monkey Bridges in Nicoya as possible.

    What is a Monkey-Bridge ?

    A Monkey-Bridge is a piece of rough rope that goes over any street in an alture about
    5 meters to give an easy accesss to any monkey to go from one place to anoteher place –
    over the road – secure..

    ¿ Why ?
    The construccion of roads makes it almost impossible and very dangerous to go from one place to another without risc for any monkey.

    The Result:
    A lot of dead monkeys in roadaccidents with cars, or beeing electrucated by cruising roads by electric cables.
    Lots of groups of monkeys gets isolated – not enough food – no sex-partners.

    What I want to do

    1. Create an organizacion in Costa Rica ( SOS Monkeys )
    2. Create a bank-account in Costa Rica ( SOS Monkeys )
    3. Look for volunteers
    4. Begin to work ( built Monkey-Bridges )

    this project is 100% serious.

    If you are interested in this project and can help me out in any way – please contact me


    Oliver Werner
    [email protected]

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