Carol VlassoffPersonalidades en Medio Nuestro

Lic. Gina Jiménez Artavia

Imagine que usted tiene 26 años de edad, que es mujer y que ha sido recientemente ascendida al puesto de Gerente de Operaciones del Banco Promerica en Manuel Antonio. Está a punto de tener su primera reunión con los ejecutivos de otras sucursales en San José. Ha llegado desde Quepos temprano en la mañana y entra en la habitación con su agenda y un bolígrafo. Hay que enfrentarse a un grupo de directivos, casi todos hombres de mediana edad con computadoras portátiles al hombre hablando por teléfonos celulares. Esa fue la introducción de Gina Jiménez a sus colegas profesionales en 2005.

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Carol VlassoffPersonalities in Our Midst

Gina Jimenez Artavia

Imagine that you are 26 years old, female, recently promoted to the job of Operations Manager at Banco Promérica in Manuel Antonio.  You are about to have your first meeting with other bank executives in San José.  You’ve arrived from Quepos early that morning and you walk into the room carrying your agenda and a pen.  There you confront a group of officials, mostly middle-aged men with laptops slung over their shoulders, talking on cell phones.  That was Gina Jimenez’s introduction to her professional peers in 2005.

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Donna PorterIt's a Wonderful World of Plants

Hail to the King of Fruits

The delectable, juicy and unsurpassed sweetness of the Mango fruit is enjoyed by more people on a world-wide scale that any other fruit. Mango is considered the “King of Fruits”. They are associated with fortune, abundance and fertility and are represented in religious themes of South Asia’s Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian communities. It is said that the forbidden fruit or “apple” in the biblical story of the Garden of Eden was that of the Mango. Fossil records dating back 25 to 30 million years have revealed the Mango’s center of origin as northeast India, Myanmar/Burma and Bangladesh and their cultivation dates back more than 6,000 years.

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Holis Wellness Center

Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy is based on the principle that correct stimulation of the precise pinpoint-sized pressure points located on the ear result in a powerful healing response in corresponding limbs and organs of the body. The stimulation causes the body to release anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety chemicals and hormones. It also dilates or constricts the blood vessels to improve circulation or stop bleeding and to increase white blood count amongst many other powerful effects.

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Jim ParisiMusic Review

New Reggae Night in Costa Rica

Reggae music has become a global phenomenon, cast into public awareness forty years ago by musicians like Johnny Nash, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. But the music remains Caribbean in temperament.

In 1995, the young Costa Rican music label Papaya Music released “Costa Rica Reggae Night”, an excellent compilation of authentic Reggae music from the Caribbean coast of this country. It is a compilation of thirteen songs from well known Costa Rican bands, both past and present; it was a kind of history of notable reggae bands from this area. The album has been a big hit, selling more than fifteen thousand copies in just ten years, a remarkable feat for an independent Central American label.

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Crazy From the HeatMatt Casseday

Juan Santamaría Must Be Rolling Over in His Grave

Every April 11th, Costa Rica celebrates Juan Santamaría day. On that date in 1855, young Juan helped defend Costa Rica’s northern border against the forces led by the American mercenary William Walker, whose goal was to annex Central America for the ignoble purpose of the slave trade. The image of the humble young campesino, torch in hand, giving his life to ensure that Costa Rica was not tarnished by any kind of occupying force is in the heart and mind of every kid who grows up here; so great is the remembrance of his deed that the country’s largest airport is named for him, and a large statue of him greets every arriving visitor.

Flash forward 156 years to a little piece of land called Isla Calero. Part of Costa Rica, the isla has been technically occupied by Nicaragua for the past few months, while they allegedly work to improve the navegability of the San Juan River, which flows between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, but is considered part of Nicaragua.

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Guest Writer

PAWS: What a difference an organization can make!

I’ve been coming to the Quepos area for the past 10 years and moved here over two years ago. As many of us that travel here, I fell in love with the climate, the beaches and the abundance of wildlife. However, the one thing that always broke my heart was the number of street dogs and cats and the lack of care the animals received. I was saddened that there wasn’t any way to systematically help these underfed animals that were sleeping on the street and in poor health.

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Fishing ReportJoshua StewartLuna Tours

Catch and Release

The best policy, keeps the best fish alive.

That is what anglers around the world understand about good sport fishing. Preserve the most beautiful species flipping out of the ocean has been the main goal for old and young through the last years. That is why Sailfish, Marlin, Roosterfish and some others are released every day. Captains and mates take care of every game fish during the process of boating. They exactly know what to do in order to keep them alive and calculate the time out of water. “Catch and Release” has made an important change since it has been practiced.

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