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Fat-Handed Cats: The return of the Ocelot



By Jack Ewing

The sleek, spotted cat rested with her chest and thick front paws on the log, her eyes peering over the top, waiting patiently for a spiny rat or some other small rodent to scurry along the other side. She had been there since moon rise, but so far no prey had ventured past. An uneasy feeling enveloped her body like a mist that penetrated to the very core of her being. She waited and watched. A faint sound reached her ears, and she became aware of the source of the unpleasant feeling: dogs, their distant howls drifting on the cool night breeze. The unwelcome wail was not new to her ears; it signified the most fearful thing in her environment. The thought of climbing a tree briefly flickered across her mind, but if the dogs caught her scent and found the tree, she would be trapped, an easy target for the humans that always come with the dogs. The other choice was to put distance between herself and the howling dogs, but the forest wasn’t that big, and she could only run so far. The female ocelot decided to wait and listen.
Hacienda Baru

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That’s Fishin’ – May/June 2014

Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish

Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish

By Sarah Munro

There is no way I can explain it but I will try. The Offshore World Championship is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I didn’t even fish the competition. I lived vicariously through my friends and other anglers who qualified to fish this tournament.

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May/June 2014

May/June 2014 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to Quepos-Manuel Antonio we are happy to have you visit….we know you will have a great time…May & June begin our “green” or rainy season and we are looking forward to getting green…it has been one hot hot hot dry season….First we would like to wish a very Happy 92nd Birthday to Virginia Utley on May 20th but we  hope she will be celebrating all month long! We have so many great things for you to do from zip lines to off shore fishing and everything in between…just check our advertisers and sign up for a fun time ….you can tour the Manuel Antonio National Park with our cover shot guide Manuel Cabalceta..he captured this great shot of the capuchin monkey family on a tour in April…great shot Manuel…you can book a tour at [email protected]…..this issue covers 2 months so we will have extra articles for your reading enjoyment and puzzles – just in case we get that much wanted rain! Travelers not to worry it won’t be enough to wash away your fun….so get out there have a great time – enjoy our awesome restaurants – sip a cold one on our beautiful beach and don’t forget the sunblock even if its cloudy….please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia ……we hope you will come back and visit us again but do tell your friends about our happy little Paradise and follow us on facebook.com/Quepolandia  and check us out here online when you get back home… travel safe to your next destination and come back soon…… ciao………..P



Brad Watts – Farewell to a Friend

Brad WattsBy Molly McKeown

Recently our little community was rocked by the sudden passing of one the town’s most beloved residents, Brad Watts. Currently there is a palpable void in our community because we have lost a truly great man.  This loss has been compounded because we didn›t just lose a man, we also lost a charismatic musician with an irresistible smile, a respected business owner, a bad ass kayaker, a kick ass surfer and an amazing friend. Brad ‘Flip’ Watts was a one of a kind man. He had a huge heart, and an even bigger appetite for life, (and snacking . . . possibly in equal measure).

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The Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor FeastBy Shelagh Duncan

Outdoor kitchens in many old Mediterranean farmhouses and homes have pizza ovens, fireplaces, grills, sinks and work counters, set in covered terraces, courtyards and gardens. Today, this trend is growing wherever the climate allows – especially so here in Costa Rica. In this part of the world we tend to live outdoors more and the outdoor kitchen can extend our living and entertaining areas to encompass the garden, pool and beyond.

Many people were smart enough to include an outdoor kitchen in the original plans when they were building their home, others have either purchased or built homes and now are thinking about adding one.

Royal Palm Interiors

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¿Me? ¿Te? ¿Nos? ¿Lo? ¿La? ¿Los? ¿Las?…


Hola a nuestros amigos lectores. En este artículo les ayudaremos a aprender cómo usar correctamente los pronombres. Tal vez les ha pasado alguna vez que están en una conversación, cuando en un momento no saben cuál pronombre usar y no saben si éste va al frente o después del verbo.

Pronombres de los Objetos Directos.



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Avoiding Heat Stroke

Steffie StickheadBrought to you by Steffie Stickhead 

Hi! I’m Steffie Stickhead and I’m your local Safety Stick. Sometimes you learn Safety from your mistakes and that’s just what happened to me when I first came here. I went to Manuel Antonio National Park and it was awesome but WOW. The sun was so intense and I didn’t bring enough water for the hike. Next thing I knew I was dizzy, had cramps and a headache. My friend had to put me in her backpack and carry me out of the park to the Doctor’s office. You can see in the photo, this stick had to be carried! Thank goodness for my friend because some of the symptoms can be lethal!!!

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Dance Your Stress Away

Sunny DanceBy Amber Zuckswert 

Even the most shy wall flowers and introverts have found themselves dancing around their bedroom (behind closed doors) in underwear, flipping their hair like a rocker and lip syncing in the mirror. It just feels SO good, so wild, free and fun. Why not?!  While some prefer bubble baths, candles and a great book to calm their nervous tension at the end of long week, others get their jollies by shaking out their frustration on the dance floor. I strongly believe this stems from the human need to escape the chattering mind full of worries, to-do’s and fear. Dance allows us all the opportunity to delve back into our bodies, turn off the brain for a bit, get creative, sweat, laugh and smile with our friends. Luckily, Manuel Antonio and Quepos are fantastic places to find your inner Shakira. 


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That’s Fishin’ – April 2014

Big OneBy Sarah Munro

A-Mazing. That’s one of the words you could use to describe the fishing here, and aren’t you lucky to be here, in the middle of one of our hottest fishing seasons EVER. 

It’s insane really, new Tournament World Records, boats calling in on average 30 sailfish daily. Numbers as high as 50, continue to shatter the season. Recreational boats are doing fantastic as well, with numbers averaging 10 Sailfish per day. Marlin are heating up a bit, and the inshore action is spot on friends. Spot on.

It was a beautiful morning in Paradise: I got to have breakfast with 20 scarlet macaws!

scarlet macawBy Pat Cheek

The temporary guests of Gaia Hotel and Nature Preserve are learning how to adapt to our area before being released.  This reintroduction project began with the construction of a huge cage that is large enough to allow the birds to fly as some did not know how on arrival. The Scarlet Macaw has been sighted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) which lists endangered species regardless of their location, as warranting protection and recommends they be added to the Endangered Species List as well as 3 other species of macaws. There is a fine of $13,000 for keeping a Scarlet Macaw in captivity in Costa Rica.

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1st Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release Conference in Costa Rica

Monos TitiBy Pia Martin, DVM, Wildlife Vet for KSTR 

Kids Saving the Rainforest wants to invite the whole Quepos Community to come, participate, and support the First Ever Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release Conference in Costa Rica. 

It will take place from August 7 through the 11th, with participation of around 200 people from all over the country. We will have fieldtrips, presentations, posters, and workshops. To be a sponsor and support this exceptional event please write to [email protected], your help from $50 to $5000 will indeed help save the lives of many wild animals and help to release them back into the wild.  

Kids Saving the Rainforest Logo

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – April 2014

Quepolandia April 2014 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our beautiful area , in our minds the best of Costa Rica! We know you will have a great time whether you are on Spring Break or just a getaway vacation, honeymoon or seeing the World, you have come to the right place…we have it all. This month brings the IGFA Offshore  World  Championship back to Marina Pez Vela for the second year…if you didn’t know – we have the best fishing around so charter a boat and go catch that big one… or fly thru the jungle on a zip line, white water rafting, tour our famous National Park or just relax sipping a cold one at the beach. We also are lucky enough to have the best restaurants with the freshest ingredients to tempt any palate – we know you won’t go hungry! Please tell our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia.  Not to bring down the vacation atmosphere but we are a tight little community and once again we have suffered the loss of two of our own, Jan Blackwell a founding member of our local animal rescue group PAWS, and Erin Little a successful wedding planner, they will both be missed and we extend our sympathy to their families. We would like to thank Crystal Campbell of Tavernier, Florida for the great cover shot she titled Lapas of Finca Tranquila..it arrived as we were doing the article about our own scarlet macaw program so it was perfect- thanks Crystal – we can’t wait for the day we see macaws hanging out in the trees of Manuel Antonio once again……….well here it is April and its been very dry… we will welcome the return of our afternoon showers and will begin to see more green – it is also time for Semana Santa (Easter Week) so hang on to your patience  when driving as the roads to the beach and around will be busy…slow down, enjoy the scenery and get to wherever you go safely…we hope you will come back and visit us again but do tell your friends about our happy little Paradise and follow us on fb and at www.quepolandia.com…..ciao for now…P 

On a personal note I would like to say thank you and hurry back to Paul Rees, my graphic designer for the past 5 years – he will be heading to Canada for a few months –come back feeling great and ready to go back to work!

Yoga Makes You Sexy

real men do yogaBy Amber Zuckswert 

Whether it’s the tight fitting clothes, the sweaty blissful glow, the carefree loving attitude, the chiseled long lean body or a combination of them all, yogis are down right sexy. Confident, happy, patient, content, aware, flexible, passionate and strong. These are qualities that draw people to you. Practicing yoga cultivates acceptance of your unique inner voice, freeing you to live an authentic passion packed life. 

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That’s Fishin’ – March 2014

Fish is runninBy Sarah Munro

Epic. Unheard of. Best fishing in 10 years. This, my friends is what has been happening in the sport fishing scene here lately. Boats going out and reporting 77, 55, 40, 34…… Sailfish IN ONE DAY! Impossible? Not so. I myself went out with some friends and we went 17 for 26, and that was only 5 hours with lines in the water. Man, was I glad that there were four of us fishing. It’s a whole new kind of workout, the kind that fishing dreams are made of….. My fishing dreams came true the moment I moved here. I can’t express enough how epic the fishing is here. The diversity, quantity, and quality of fish here are enough to make any angler think they’ve died and gone to fish heaven.

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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2014

March 2014 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our little corner of Paradise…we hope you are having a great time and that you are thawed out from the northern winter blast and basking in our warm(hot) sunshine! We would like to take a minute and congratulate Dragonfly Thai on the Peoples Choice Award at the 7th Atenas Charity Chili Cook Off –they won 3rd in our local Chili Cook Off in Nov….way to go Bill plus they have great Thai food at the beach! We are very lucky to have wonderful restaurants with all sorts of flavors from Mexican, Italian, Continental and outstanding seafood….you for sure won’t go hungry – and don’t forget pizza…you should try our sushi in MA at Los Amigos Sushi and in Quepos at Tropical Sushi – both are outstanding…..Those of you that know me –  my pet peeve is the ever growing population of signs taking over our once beautiful 7 km drive from Quepos to Manuel Antonio..I don’t know about you but I came here to see the Rainforest -not signs….if by chance you feel the same and think the sign population is out of hand please write me at our email address on the front cover – I would like to hear from you – even if you like the signs!…and I’d like to know if anyone actually reads them as they are driving past…ok off by soap box…..our beautiful cover  of the Toucans was sent in by Connie Wilson of Mission, KScongrats! Connie & her husband come to visit every winter and she has been trying for a cover for a long time—well you did it!

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