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Yoga Makes You Sexy

real men do yogaBy Amber Zuckswert 

Whether it’s the tight fitting clothes, the sweaty blissful glow, the carefree loving attitude, the chiseled long lean body or a combination of them all, yogis are down right sexy. Confident, happy, patient, content, aware, flexible, passionate and strong. These are qualities that draw people to you. Practicing yoga cultivates acceptance of your unique inner voice, freeing you to live an authentic passion packed life. 

There are too many benefits to name, but let’s kick off the list with the following 10 reasons yoga makes you sexy.  

  1. Boosts Self-Confidence. When you take care of your body, mind and spirit by committing to a regular asana practice you feel better from the inside out. Your shoulders sit back, spine is straight, and head is held high. When you stand taller with more confidence, people instantly respect you more. There is nothing sexier then humble confidence.
  2. Heightens Awareness. Yoga teaches us to breathe in life. To experience all of our senses and fully live in the moment and in our bodies. You notice and appreciate things more. You learn to feel your body from the inside out. Sure, saying all the right things might get you laid, but your awareness of something bigger than yourself makes you more engaging, compassionate and definitely more sexy.
  3. Sexy active wear. Bright colors, spandex, and curve hugging clothes not only make you feel more at ease in your body, but also accentuate all the right places. An asana practice can help you slim down and tone up so you feel awesome rocking all sorts of cool clothes. I’ve never met a guy who didn’t like yoga pants. 
  4. Yoga increases flexible in all the right places. Hips, inner thighs, hamstrings… all important for those late night wild rendezvous. 
  5. Inversions change your outlook on life, make you look younger and amp your energy. Plus, they are fun! Hanging out upside down flushes blood and oxygen to your face and brain. More blood flow to the head means clearer thinking, brighter complexion and even more hair growth. Vibrant energy makes you more attractive. 
  6. Yoga increases your vibration and attracts more people to you. We attract what we project. Draw more like minded happy people to you by being what you want to attract. Be the change. 
  7. A strong athletic Yoga practice like Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow builds your stamina and strength. Sculpt long lean balanced muscles that support ultimate mobility of the joints for life. Yoga increases blood flow to vital organs—like your brain. Yes, and those other vital organs as well.
  8. AmberMula Bandha: is the strengthening and toning the muscles of the pelvic floor or perineum. The drawing in and up of this area to the spine increases sensation and blood flow to your nether regions. Mula Bandha is believed to move energy along the spine to the brain. Containing, creating and drawing energy up the spine can create a euphoric feeling similar to orgasm. Match this energy with your breath and enjoy your results. 
  9. Peace of mind gives you the ability to feel more content in your own skin. Contentment gives you a little pep and ease in your step. Looking for the good while accepting, but not dwelling, in the bad gives you more time to use your energy for more productive endeavors. Like enjoying life fully!
  10. Yoga teaches you discipline commitment, endurance and surrender. All qualities we need to cultivate in our relationships with ourselves and others. Without these three qualities we’d never thrive in a long term relationship or stay consistent with a workout. On the mat we learn vital life skills that allow us to cope with our world with more ease, confidence and love. 

Now being sexy isn’t the only reason we should practice yoga. Yoga is a tool on the path to self-awareness, self-love and love for all. Whatever brings you to the mat can be the catalyst for changing your life and making the world a better place. 

You have a choice. Don’t let fear hold you back from the life you’ve always wanted to lead. Be silly, happy, care free, sexy you. Leave the rest for another life. Show up to your mat and see what magic unfolds. 


AmberAmber Zuckswert is the Founder of The Center for Epic Living in Manuel Antonio. She’s an international recognized pilates and yoga instructor, professional contemporary dancer, and holistic nutritionist from San Francisco, CA. Amber loves nothing more than empowering others to create their most epic self mind, body and spirit. Pop into her next Pilates mat class or workshop at her studio: or online at All levels welcome and encouraged to join.