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Times Tables. * PRESENT. Again…

By Oz

I know, I know.  I know that I already gave you (according to me) the twelve most important verbs EVER.  I call them “The Times Tables” because as in math, if you learn them by heart you will be able to do bigger operations and; most important, you will know how to play with them the rest of your life.

¡Let’s make them smaller! 

Spanish Pura Vida

1 Times Table

HablA=  TO speak/talk 

I          habl o

you, s/he, it          habl a

we          habl amos

you all, they          habl an



2 Times Table

ComE=  TO eat 

I          com o

you, s/he, it          com e

we          com emos

you all, they          com en


3 Times Table

VivI=  TO live 

I          viv o

you, s/he, it          viv e

we          viv imos

you all, they          viv en


4 Times Table

SER = TO be #1 

I          s oy

you, s/he, it          es

we          s omos

you all, they          s on


5 Times Table

EstAR = TO be #2   ¡Learn the MANTRA! 

I          est oy

you, s/he, it          est á

we          est amos

you all, they          est án


6 Times Table

TenER = TO have #1 

I          ten go

you, s/he, it          t i en e

we          ten emos

you all, they          t i en en


7 Times Table

HacER = TO make/do

I          ha go

you, s/he, it          hac e

we          hac emos

you all, they          hac en


8 Times Table

IR = TO go 

I          voy

you, s/he, it          va

we          vamos

you all, they          van


9 Times Table

PodER = Can 

I          p ue d o

you, s/he, it          p ue d e

we          pod emos

you all, they          p ue d en


10 Times Table

 LlamARse= TO call oneself (REFLEXIVE)   ¡Google it!

I          me  llamo

you, s/he, it          se  llama

we          nos  llamamos

you all, they          se  llaman


11 Times Table

GustAR = TO like (SPECIAL)   ¡Google it! 

I      me  gusta – an

you, s/he, it       le  gusta – an

we       nos  gusta – an

you all, they       les  gusta – an


12 Times Table

HabER = To have #2 (AUXILIARY)   ¡Google it! 

I          h e

you, s/he, it          h a     *HAY*

we          h emos

you all, they          h an


Learn those verbs by heart.  I’ll teach you how to play with them soon.  There are amazing operations you can do with them.  Trust me guys, “The Times Tables” rock.

Honestly guys, I don’t know how to make this easier or simpler; if you do, PLEASE let me know. 

These 12 verbs are more than just basic or important.  They are the essentials; they are the core.  Make them yours.  Put them in your brain.  Put them in your heart.  Master them and they will make everybody’s (latinos y no latinos) lives easier. 

Study the verbs and the endings…  Study for real… 

Ready, set, GO!!! 

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