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That’s Fishin’ – May/June 2014

Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish
Team Trinidad with The Seahawk Day 4 Heaviest Meat Fish

By Sarah Munro

There is no way I can explain it but I will try. The Offshore World Championship is one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I didn’t even fish the competition. I lived vicariously through my friends and other anglers who qualified to fish this tournament.

Day 1 for me was all excitement, and it was for the Anglers as well. Anything was possible on Day 1, and the bite was epic as usual, with 803 fish counted. Everyone was holding their breath on Day 2, and let it out with a big WHOOP at the end of the day with a final count of 848 total fish.

Blistered finger
Well-earned Blister

The fun starts when the anglers get back in, and everyone confirms their counts. There was no shortage of drama – the bite was hot, well until Day 3, when the morning bite disappeared, and the day only provided 728 fish. Everything was giggles Day 1+2, however the mood changed to a significantly more competitive mood dockside on end of Day 3. Teams knew that the waters were changing, and everyone was hoping to strike Fish God Gold on Day 4. If you’ve followed my articles, you know that locals Ken and Amanda Cofer were fishing this tournament. They were sitting tied for third at the end of Day 3, and I tried, I tried so hard to send them my fishing mojo, but I should have sent them the tip that the fish moved north to the boundary of the competition. That’s where the boys from Alabama were fishing – and they hit an epic 33 fish day. By the time the rest of the fleet found out about it, it was too late to make the run. So, that left Team Tranquilo with a very impressive 3rd place finish. The bite definitely moved for Day 4, and not everyone found the bit with a overall fish count of a mere….. 435. (Mere my butt.)

Overall tournament fish count at 2814. Whoop it up for the fishing here in Quepos!

Congratulations to all of the winners, with Top Place going to “Luanda Sailfish Classic,” 1 of 12 teams competing from Angola. That’s right. 12 teams from Angola, Africa; talk about well represented. Second place goes to “Torneio Marlin Azul do Rio de Janeiro” from Brazil. Third place was held and taken by “Presidential Challenge-Guatemala”, our favorite local team, Ken and Amanda Cofer, Bill Pino, and Dennis Barbour.

Day 4 of the Tournament was one that I will never forget. Batman made an appearance, you’ll notice from the photo, that something unbelievably funny happened. You know, one of those moments, where you just happened to walk in at the right time and have your lens cap off, camera ON, and in SPORT MODE. Funniest moment of the tournament, and there were some great times. Use your imagination, because you can’t make that kind of stuff up.

Hummingbird Belly Dancers
Hummingbird Belly Dancers

Check out the ‘Hummingbird Belly Dancers’ from the Dockside Social on Day 3. Beautiful, and fun had by all. It was nice to see parts of the tournament open to the public, as it hasn’t been in the past. Hopefully this is the start of more open relations.

Taking part in the dockside social gives you the opportunity to find out what really happened on the water that day, and interact with teams from all over the world. What’s unbelievably hard about competing in this tournament is that you fish on a different boat every day. The day before fishing starts, teams draw boats for the 4 different days of fishing. So, everything is ‘fair’, but sometimes draws don’t work out even. I asked several teams about their boat draw, and one team had engine trouble 4 days in a row. Other teams had issues as well, but that’s why they call it the luck of the draw. It’s also luck of the fish gods. So, everyone has a different experience, and it shows.

Lucky for me, lucky for Team “Tobago Int’l Game Fishing Tournament” went out on Day 4 with one of my favorite Charter Boats, The Seahawk. They scored the 50+lb fish that may have won the ‘Meat Fish’ Category. Check out the size of that fish!!! Unbelievable!

Team ‘Perth Game Fishing Club 2013 Bertram Marlin Cup’
Team ‘Perth Game Fishing Club 2013 Bertram Marlin Cup’

Team ‘Perth Game Fishing Club 2013 Bertram Marlin Cup’ was also very interesting to hang out with. They fished in Memory of Ivan Erceg, last years OWC Top Angler. He died this past year, and this year’s team brought his fishing rod and fished with it. They told me of it on Day 1, and I made a note to check in with them at the end of fishing. A true Cinderella story, because the angler who used his rod all week only has 15 fishing days experience. Lifetime experience. And he reeled in over 20 himself over the 4 days. The rod wasn’t enough to win the tournament, or Top Angler, but it was enough for those who loved and miss Ivan. He made a huge impression at last years OWC, and may his rod continue to bring luck to Perth.

Big shout out to ‘Forest Green’ and the rest of Team Alabama. They moved up from the depths into the top 10 with their 33 fish day. You guys rocked the hot tip to move north.

fishThis months Offshore World Championship has been fantastic for the entire community and we are all very much hoping that they decide to move the tournament here in a permanent type of arrangement. I had a fantastic time, and will continue to have a fantastic time because after the anglers leave, the fish will still be here. I’m headed out tomorrow on a new fishing adventure, on board the Makaira. Check back next issue for what’s new in THAT’S FISHIN. Brought to you by Sarah Jane. With LOVE and FISH GOD MOJO.

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In case you doubt the Offshore World Championships numbers, check out the new Marina Pez Vela record, set April Fools Day, this year, of 64 Sailfish, epresenting local builder and OWC Sponsor, Maverick Yachts was John Mumford and crew. Interesting to note they had a team with them that released a total of 1062 Billfish in 54 days of fishing . . . So what are you waiting for? Get out there and GET FISHING!!
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