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That’s Fishin’ – March 2014

Fish is runninBy Sarah Munro

Epic. Unheard of. Best fishing in 10 years. This, my friends is what has been happening in the sport fishing scene here lately. Boats going out and reporting 77, 55, 40, 34…… Sailfish IN ONE DAY! Impossible? Not so. I myself went out with some friends and we went 17 for 26, and that was only 5 hours with lines in the water. Man, was I glad that there were four of us fishing. It’s a whole new kind of workout, the kind that fishing dreams are made of….. My fishing dreams came true the moment I moved here. I can’t express enough how epic the fishing is here. The diversity, quantity, and quality of fish here are enough to make any angler think they’ve died and gone to fish heaven.


The offshore action is unbelievable. Boats out of the Pier, Marina Pez Vela, and the Marina at Los Suenos have been posting daily photos the past month, and the Captains are all beside themselves – as it’s always hot fishing here, but right now, it’s SICK. New World Records for Billfish caught in a Tournament, boats having to come in because they ran out of bait…… and that only bodes well for the upcoming tournaments, and tourists wanting their own slice of the action. 

perspectiveMarina Pez Vela is hosting the 3rd annual Quepos Billfish Cup February 19th-22nd , which is just after this article goes to press. I am SO looking forward to wailing this tournament. If last year was any indication, this year looks to be as epic as the fishing. The Marina has been under construction, and will continue to be for the next few years. Look for your update right here in the next issue of Quepolandia, or check out for a faster update. Note that last years ‘Top Angler’ went to a woman. (Can’t help myself with a little ‘girl power’.) Big tournament in Los Suenos as well, The Los Suenos Signature Billfish Series II. Hopefully I get to go out on the water with them, and fill my fishing soul – and there is nothing like experiencing professional tournament fishing. As an amateur fisherman, I strive to be in the same class. One day, it will happen, and I will rock the back of the boat in a whole new way. That’s right, with a record fish on the hook, tagged, and released. Fishing dreams are made of THIS.

Most often, when us amateurs go out, the mate on the boat hooks the fish. My advice? Watch the mate carefully, and then try it yourself. It is truly an art, and for those who are good at it, well, they end up getting paid to fish tournaments. It is a competition, at the highest of levels. It’s also the bane of my existence, because I’d rather be fishing than anything else. 

A day offshore with friends is perfection. That’s my statement and I’m sticking to it. As well, I am taking no responsibility for what happens after you go fishing here. My guess is you’re going to end up with some photos like you see in this article, and the smiling faces, well, that will stay with you forever.

The Sportfishing Fleet here is diverse – you can charter everything from a Panga to a Yacht, and go offshore, onshore, mangroves, river fly-fishing. Just decide what appeals to you most. You will see many ads for fishing right here in Quepolandia, or come and find me, I’ll give you a reference to who I think is ‘The Best’, my contact info is at the bottom of the article. 

look at that faceThe big game is definitely offshore, however some big-ass keepers can be found on-shore as well. Mangrove fishing is calm water, hand-lining, and pack a beer cooler kind of day – and never forget the sunscreen. Cameras are ALWAYS recommended, and mates will help out with photos, and making sure you get the ‘money shot’. If you don’t take your camera, nobody will believe you friend, and then you are telling ‘Fish Stories’ with the rest of us. Just ask me about the day we had a 5 fish hook-up. Yup, 5 monster fish at one time. Nobody believes me when I tell them – because the camera wasn’t rolling at the time, I was just too excited and made the instantaneous decision to just experience it instead of document it. And no, I don’t regret my decision, but next time for sure, I will have my camera ready. 

So, what are you waiting for? Like Nike says,

“Just do it.”

Want a referral to one of Sarah’s preferred Captains? Call 2777-3211 or email [email protected] OR… come on down to………

THE HAWG ‘N’ BILL – located on the beach at Manuel Antonio’s Playa Espadilla. Right at the front, corner of the road to the National Park, you can’t miss it. Check it out on FB: hawgnbill Sarah’s got the fresh catch, and a fresh attitude. 

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area; who has been fishing since infancy. Rumor has it, Sarah gutted her first fish before she could ride a bike. It’s quite likely, that yes, one day the fish will come for her. Looking for more of That’s Fishin’? 

Check out all of the articles HERE. Until then peeps, keep your sea legs swayin, and your rod hand ready!