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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2014

March 2014 coverBienvenidos/Welcome to our little corner of Paradise…we hope you are having a great time and that you are thawed out from the northern winter blast and basking in our warm(hot) sunshine! We would like to take a minute and congratulate Dragonfly Thai on the Peoples Choice Award at the 7th Atenas Charity Chili Cook Off –they won 3rd in our local Chili Cook Off in Nov….way to go Bill plus they have great Thai food at the beach! We are very lucky to have wonderful restaurants with all sorts of flavors from Mexican, Italian, Continental and outstanding seafood….you for sure won’t go hungry – and don’t forget pizza…you should try our sushi in MA at Los Amigos Sushi and in Quepos at Tropical Sushi – both are outstanding…..Those of you that know me –  my pet peeve is the ever growing population of signs taking over our once beautiful 7 km drive from Quepos to Manuel Antonio..I don’t know about you but I came here to see the Rainforest -not signs….if by chance you feel the same and think the sign population is out of hand please write me at our email address on the front cover – I would like to hear from you – even if you like the signs!…and I’d like to know if anyone actually reads them as they are driving past…ok off by soap box…..our beautiful cover  of the Toucans was sent in by Connie Wilson of Mission, KScongrats! Connie & her husband come to visit every winter and she has been trying for a cover for a long time—well you did it!

If you are a NCAA Basketball follower no fear “March Madness” is here! You can find a seat in front of 5 TV’s at either Double Hook Sports Bar & Grill in Quepos or Byblos Hotel & Sports Bar in MA—try them both! As you are visiting around at our local spots please mention to our advertisers that you found them in Quepolandia – they will appreciate hearing it and so will we. Regular readers & advertisers will notice at long last the Maps have been reworked, added to, and fancied up….if you advertise and have been omitted please let me know and we will fix it…if you don’t advertise and still found your place of business….. say thanks!  We realize that it is hard to find things around here since Costa Rica and particularly our area has failed to catch on to the idea of  street signs(part of the charm and adventure). We have tried to include landmarks that will help you navigate around our beautiful area….well I have rambled on long enough and you need to stop reading and get out and have some fun…please drop us a note about your stay or send in your favorite photo – thanks to those that sent in new jokes—follow us on  and check us out here online when  you get back home…& come back soon…ciao for now………..P