Jim ParisiMusic Review

Costa Rica Reggae Nights

The origin of reggae in Costa Rica dates back to the 1920s, when Jamaican leader Marcus Garvey evoked his ideas and beliefs throughout the Caribbean province of Limon. Born in St. Anne’s Bay, Jamaica, the future birthplace of Bob Marley, Garvey is considered the prophet of Rastafarianism. So, it is easy to see how reggae music is considered a kind of Costa Rican folk music.

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Cosmic ConfettiHoroscopes

Cosmic Confetti’s Horoscopes – April 2010

ARIES – March 21-April 19

Happy Birthday you gorgeous Ram! Not only are you HOT this month, you are also oh so clever. You will invent a night light in the shape of a chess piece, which you will smartly name “Nighty Knight”! Let’s hope it goes over well, you could use the money! Invest in yourself and silver since you most likely can’t afford gold, and the dollar is in the toilet.


IDEAL JOB: Donut Hole Cutter

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Academia D'AmoreTico Talk

Batalla de Rivas – 11 de Abril de 1856

En esta fecha se conmemora el día en que Juan Santamaría quemó el llamado Mesón de Guerra, acto que permitió a los costarricenses vencer a los filibusteros de William Walker y quedarse con la ciudad de Rivas en su poder.

Se conoce con el nombre de Batalla de Rivas a una batalla que se dio durante la Guerra de 1856, entre las fuerzas del ejército de Costa Rica, dirigidas personalmente por el Presidente Juan Rafael Mora Porras, y el ejército filibustero estadounidense dirigido por William Walker, en la ciudad de Rivas, Nicaragua.

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Kids Saving the RainforestPía Martín

The Tale of a Titi Monkey

Titi monkeys (saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) are small but very intelligent and dexterous. They are unique to the Manuel Antonio area.

Last august, some kids were visiting Playa El Rey in the National Park and found a very young monkey on the ground, he was hurt and couldn’t move. They felt sorry for the little guy and carefully picked him up and put him in a box. They took him to MINAET not knowing what else to do. MINAET brought him to us. The little titi was about 6 months old and had a very serious fracture in his arm and another in his clavicle. He could have fallen from a very tall tree just when he was learning to move on his own.

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KatreenaLife's a Beach

Beach Life at Manuel Antonio

Life at the beach here in Manuel Antonio is magical. An oasis that transcends one into a timeless state of relaxation and peace. Truly a tranquil paradise comprised of natural beauty, amazing wildlife, and the soothing sounds of the ocean’s waves. Nature creates the perfect setting for relaxation as the tropical breezes melts away your stress and worries from everyday life.

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Crazy From the HeatMatt Casseday

The True National Religion

One day last week, I had to pay visits to three different government offices. I spent a lot of the day seated, waiting and waiting for my number to be called. Each office was similar: A casher seated behind a plexiglas window; an armed guard seemingly ill-prepared should he – God help us all — ever have to actually use his gun; a number of sober-faced Ticos behind desks; and a much larger number of patient citizens awaiting their numbers to be called. I had forgotten to bring something I had recently purchased to avoid long waits: My own roll of numbers just like the ones you pull off from the dispenser in order to receive attention. Mine were the real thing, courtesy of the ´´Take-A-Tab´´ company. The trick is to wait until they call a ´dead´ number, that is, a number no one responds to. Then quickly and surreptitiously leaf through your Take-A-Tabs until you get the number you need. Much time can be saved employing this method; all you need is your own personal roll of numbers, but I had forgotten mine.

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Jack EwingNature and Local History Stories

What goes “CHRIT-CHRIT-CHRIT”, Licks its Eyeballs, & Gives You a Stinky Piece of Tail Whenever You Try to Kill it?

Most people don’t like bugs. The term brings up negative images of all sorts of undesirable things, both living and not. If there’s a bug in your computer program, some obscure little quirk is making your life miserable. “Don’t bug me!” means don’t annoy me. A bug can be a germ, vermin, flaw, wiretap, defect, fault, or problem. It can mean to pester or bother. My thesaurus lists only one synonym with a positive connotation, the word enthusiast. In Spanish, the word for bug, “bicho”, is often used to mean a very undesirable person.

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Bruce ZabovCooking Corner

Orange Bread

I originally began baking this bread as a holiday gift for the neighbors at Christmas until I sampled it for myself, and thought “This is really good!!” The other good thing in addition to its appealing flavor is you don’t need to wait for holidays to make it. You can treat yourself to it any time you like.

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Carol VlassoffPersonalities in Our Midst

Constant Boshoff

Constant Boshoff – chiropractor, conservationist, coffee farmer and owner of Rafiki – was born in German East Africa, Tanganika. His ancestors moved to South Africa when he was a child because of “political storms over Africa”, as he puts it. Boshoff ‘s father was a big game hunting outfitter. Equipped with luxury tents and a portable kitchen, his father and his party would pitch their camp under the trees at night. He watched his business grow into a very popular tourist destination for high end clients. This is the background that shaped Constant Boshoff’s own trajectory in life.

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