Yumeiho Massage

Yumeiho MassageBy Victoria

Yumeiho Massage is an oriental massage technique that strives to achieve and maintain the balance and harmony of the body. The father of the method is professor Masayuki Kotsuban.

Yumeiho is a complex method to reestablish and maintain bodily symmetry and harmony by applying pressing and kneading techniques, as well as joint-stimulating energetic elements all over the body.

The massage activates the self-healing elements of the body that prevents it from becoming ill. Its origin goes back to the shaolin era, where it was initially used to increase physical and psychical capacity of body and mind.

Today – apart from its ancient function – it is frequently used in locomotion therapy and cardiologic treatments. This thousand-year-old healing massage technique is usually applied onto the dressed body on a special rubber mattress called tatami.


The human body is asymmetric. Examining even parts of the body, asymmetry is found everywhere, which is acceptable to a certain degree. There are two forces affecting the body of all human beings. One is gravity; the other is the force that holds the whole structure against it. These two forces meet “around” the hip bone area creating a critical pressure point, which can cause the dislocation of the two “si” joint in the backbone.

What does exactly it mean? It means the alteration of the static and dynamic state of the back that muscles try to compensate. Some parts become overstressed, will therefore overdevelop, while others will act just the opposite. Overstressed muscles will have less chance to relax, causing stiffness. Due to its imperfect state, blood supplement of the cells will deteriorate causing muscle ache and stiffness.

Most of the back problems of our present days are simply the symptoms of overstressed back muscles. It can also effect the functioning of the internal organs, as well as the energy channels of the body. Yumeiho helps to release these stress points in order to achieve the ideal blood and energy circulation of the body.