Guest Writer

Outreach Program Touches Those Stricken With HIV/AIDS

SantaA Quepos/Manuel Antonio outreach group held their second “Day at the Beach – Holiday Gift Party” at Manuel Antonio beach on Sunday, December 18, 2011. The gathering was held for the benefit of eleven members of Our Lady of St. Carmel Home based inSan José who are battling HIV/Aids.  

The first gathering of this type was held after a Workshop on Diversity was presented at the Copasa Community Center in Quepos on July 02 last year. Those attending the workshop were deeply moved by the stories told by those affected; stories of personal suffering and family rejection they had endured. 

The success of this event prompted group supporters to schedule the event regularly. 

The community outreach group provided transportation for the guests fromSan José to Quepos/Manuel Antonio and back, refreshments at the beach and a luncheon at the Hotel Makanda. Luncheon guests were treated with a surprise visit by Santa Claus bearing yuletide gifts. 

The local outreach group is asking for additional volunteers that would be willing to give their time and/or resources to contact Rick Kendle at 2777-4992 or Gypsy Rose McKee at 2777-1898.