Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving the Rainforest – January 2024

Cristina Echeverría. Clinic Intern

When I was told that I had graduated from veterinary school, I was very happy but at the same time very nervous about what would come next. I had always wanted to work with wild animals but had never had the courage to do so until I came across the internship program at the KSTR clinic.

From the moment I arrived in Costa Rica I was really nervous, however, when I realized the beautiful sense of family that exists among the people here, I felt at ease. One of the aspects I love most about working here is that everyone is very friendly and willing to teach you everything, not only in the clinic but also about Costa Rica’s culture and biodiversity.

From the first day I arrived at the clinic, it has been an unparalleled experience. They teach you in a unique way and are always willing to answer the same question ten times if necessary. They have allowed me to participate in all cases, from holding a green iguana (which I will never forget because I was very scared at first, but now I’ve become an expert at it) to monitoring anesthesia in surgeries for white-faced monkeys. Here, I have overcome the fear of trying again and again because there is always someone willing to teach you and show you how things are done.

I have met wonderful people not only from Costa Rica but from all over the world, people who will always have a place in my heart, and I am immensely grateful to have shared time with them. I´ve been able to grow both personally and professionally. I have learned so much that I am very happy to have chosen to do my internship at KSTR, and I would do it again without thinking.