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That’s Fishin’ – January 2024


The Dorado Derby 2023 tournaments proved to be an exhilarating and successful two weekends of fishing, showcasing the prowess of skilled anglers and welcoming newcomers to the sport; the tournaments delivered a thrilling spectacle full of surprises.

The numbers were recording setting: 103 boats and 435 anglers of which, 16 competed as Junior Anglers and 48 as Lady Anglers. 204 qualifying dorados weighed in at the scales, awarding more than $100,000 in cash prizes. Once again, the Dorado Derby formula proved to be another home run for the Marina Pez Vela tournament team and Costa Rica.

For the first weekend Team La Guila emerged as the triumphant champions, securing the coveted first-place position. Following closely in second place was Team Tres Miguels on Sky II, while Team Nudge Me aboard the Sportsman claimed the third spot on the winners’ podium.

Celebrating the spirit of inclusivity, the tournament acknowledged the achievements of first-time angler Braulio Zeledón, highlighting the excitement of new entrants into the world of competitive fishing.

Additionally, the Top Junior Angler title was proudly awarded to Xavi Castro, showcasing the promising talent among the younger participants.

For the Dorado Derby Dos, Team Trip emerged as the triumphant champions, securing the prestigious first-place position. Team The Mahi Mavericks on Vitamin Sea claimed a well-deserved second place, while Team Hatta Dream secured the third spot on the winners’ podium.

Adding an exciting element to the tournament, first-time angler Robert Franklin made a notable mark, showcasing the potential for newcomers in the competitive fishing scene. The Top Junior Angler title was awarded to Ainoha Araya, underscoring the promising talent and enthusiasm of the younger generation of anglers.

The highlight of the overall event was seeing Ms Ronette Carter crowning herself as Top Lady Angler on BOTH tournaments, bringing a 51.72-pound dorado to the weigh station, the heaviest fish of the tournaments.

Tight Lines, see you out there!

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