Pat CheekQué Pasa en Quepos

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – September/October 2012

cover-sept-oct-12Bienvenidos/Welcome to our Paradise even in the rain it’s a great place to live and visit………this issue represents our Green Season special covering 2 months just packed full of reading material to help get us thru…just remember not to work all the puzzles or read everything in Sept!…Of interest to those visiting is that most of our restaurants choose this time to close so their employees can take a deserved vacation..we recommend that you call first to see who’s open—thankfully they don’t close all at the same time so none of us will starve. You’ve come at the right time to enjoy some really great fun on tours with less people and thru Sept for sure sunny days (usually) with rain in the late afternoon so enjoy. Quepolandia has heard that La Hacienda Restaurante in Plaza Yara has a new owner and will be opening this month. We haven’t heard if the Chili Cook Off will happen the first week of Oct. so keep a look- out…also KSTR Kids Saving the Rainforest is having a fundraiser on Sept. 9th at Byblos..1pm-5pm. with funds going to the Wildlife Rescue Center which is in serious need of help if they are to remain open…..congrats go to Terry Watkins of MA for his photo of mamon chinos …our cover shot and if you haven’t tried these fuzzy little fruits you are in for a sweet surprise so give it a try….we are big on Halloween here…with lots of partying and always in costume so enjoy the fun…that about wraps it up for us as we plan to enjoy some time off and look forward to seeing you here in November…remember to follow us online here….ciao for now…P