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Reflexology: An ancient healing art treating modern aliments

reflexologyby Shelley Workman

Working with many different holistic modalities over the years and with many people with different types of health concerns, reflexology has been a powerful healing tool for a variety of reasons.  Why do people love reflexology so much?  Bottom line–it is totally relaxing.  Reflexology works the whole body through the feet, so the patient does not need to turn over, undress, or use oils.
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Reflexology is an ancient treatment that dates all the way back to 2330 B.C. It works primarily through  the feet, where over 7,000 nerve endings lie. Every bit of information that passes through our body ends up in our feet.  Often these nerve endings become tired, congested, and sluggish.  One can tell if this is happening when his or her feet hurt.  And, as a good rule of thumb, “if it hurts, rub it.”  By rubbing, a number of positive health benefits result.  To keep it simple, it is like giving your nervous system a “tune-up.”

Reflexology is especially helpful in giving attention to the parts of our body that are not that easily accessed, i.e., our heart, reproductive organs, colon, brain, etc.  The most amazing aspect of the science of reflexology is that the entire body is represented on the feet.  For instance, you find the liver reflex points mainly on the right foot and the heart on the left. With the use of reflexology, we can balance our digestive system, detox our liver, manage pain, help regulate blood pressure and heart rate, create support for more rapid fertilization, align the spine, deal with anxiety and depression, increase our overall energy, or just completely be nurtured.

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