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By Evelina Bolognini – Pilates instructor

Pilates is essentially a body / mind conditioning method  created by Joseph Pilates whom actually call it Contrology.

Contrology, known today as ‘Pilates’ is a Method for whole health, ‘whole’ body movement, rehabilitation, re-education and complete wellbeing.

Pilates connects you to a whole and efficient strength that support and move you as ‘one’ with power and grace. Enhancing, accelerating and maximising your physical and mental performance, it brings about your greatest potential in both movement and Life.

Holis Wellness Center

With over 9 decades of success Pilates  is a proved and true formula of great wisdom and unwavering results.

Pilates is an unparalleled system of exercise designed to develop the whole body, lengthen the spine, correct posture and bring strength, performance and pose to all that you do.  Using resistance rather than impact which target the deepest muscles it achieves a whole body fitness.

My Passion for Pilates is based on how effective it proved to be in both, my experience as body worker and on personal level.

As bodyworker I know how effective Pilates can be in both strengthening and restoring body functionality, but when I discovered a herniated disk in my neck I really lived in first person the benefit of it.

After I was told that sooner or later I would be needing surgery I really start paying more attention to my Pilates practice and got out of pain and hernia in 6 months, and 3 years later still works !

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