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Making pool maintenance as easy as possible

By Glen Bain- Costa Rica Pools

So you have a swimming pool but you think it is too much work to maintain. Pools once balanced can be very easy to take care of if you have the right set up and equipment. There are many factors that can affect your pool water and make it unhealthy and unattractive to swim in. Some are, allowing your water to become unbalanced, large bather loads, heavy rains, extremely long hot dry spells, trees dropping debris into your pool, poor inadequate filtration and incorrect pump size.

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What makes a pool more enjoyable is the time you get to spend enjoying your clean refreshing pool rather than the time you spend maintaining your pool. When people share their frustrations with me complaining about the water never “being right” or “never looking good” I always ask…. What automation do you have set up in your pool system?

Automation helps maintain your pool when you forget to or you are too busy to check on things. The first automation item that’s a must is a Pump Timer. There are several timers on the market today most allow you to set several run times per day if you wish. Your pool needs to filter all the water in the pool at least one time per day, depending on your pump and filter size and the gallons of water in your pool this can be 5-10 hours of run time per day.

The second question I ask is….How is chlorine added to your pool? If you are adding chlorine manually every day or so to the pool you are working way too much on your pool, you need to invest in an automatic In-line chlorine feeder. In-Line Chlorine feeders are plumbed into your system and you adjust the system to feed chlorine into your pool at the rate needed to keep the chlorine level within the adequate range to kill bacteria and keep the water clean.

The hot item now is Salt Water Systems for pools. While salt systems are very easy to install they provide a smooth silky feel to the water. You are still killing bacteria with chlorine but this unit produces chlorine from the salt you add to your pool water. These systems are the easiest, most hassle free way to sanitize your pool; as the salt passes through the unit it is covered to chlorine and pumped into your pool.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a hassle free pool, please call or stop into our Quepos office for more information 2777-7411/ 2777-1700 or email us at [email protected].

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  • Pool maintenance is a sure responsibility when running a pool. From cleaning the surrounding area to disinfecting the water, these steps are for the benefit of the people who use the facility. Good thing for those who has pool fencing built, especially the ones made of glass are pretty easy to clean and maintain.

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