A Quick Pause for PAWSSandy Franz

A Quick Pause for PAWS – June 2012

PAWS - Pets of Aguirre Animal Welfare Shelter

By Sandy Franz


The population of unwanted animals has just been lessened!  PAWS castration clinic held on 5/6/2012, was able to neuter/spay 19 dogs and 10 cats, making a total of 29 animals not able to produce unwanted animals.  Thank you to the volunteers, PAWS workers, Dr. Martinez and his staff, and Dr. Cordoba for their consistent effort, assisting us in this cause. Thank you, also, to El Gran Escape Restaurante for supplying lunch for the volunteers. 

We are always in focus, working toward our mission…..


PAWS….reaching out to the children……

Also, on May 6, PAWS took part in the III Exposicion Canina held at the Escuela Maria de Castro in Quepos. This event was a perfect venue to introduce PAWS and help bring the school community together. There was a dog pageant, with prizes awarded to the “prettiest dog”. PAWS presented printed materials on how to take care of young animals, raising them to adulthood.  Jan Blackwell with Sue Smith were PAWS representatives who participated and showed various PAWS animals ready for adoption. They also provided information about the purpose of the PAWS tent at the Saturday Feria, along with the importance of the PAWS Castration Clinics.  PAWS was invited to return to the Exposicion Canina, next year. 


The date of June 23, 2012, is now set for the Annual PAWS Fundraiser.  The event will be held, again, at La Foresta with entertainment by Kerziah (Fuzzy Rojas) set for all to enjoy. So, keep this date open and wait for the fun to begin! 


We are in the process of establishing a calendar to book the mobile trailer for  castration clinics in several towns in the Aguirre Canton.  We hope to have this completed soon. Stay tuned in for the next mobile clinic news! 

VOLUNTEERS ALWAYS NEEDED at Alburgue Casa Verde, our pass-through animal care facility. Every week we find homes for animals, but every week there are always more animals for which to care. Please call Valerie Phillips at 2777-1796, for more information. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION, call 2777-1796 or 2779-1412.

SEE THE PAWS ANIMALS ready for adoption published here on Face Book or visit the PAWS tent at the feria every Saturday.