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Let’s Review…

By Os

This is the octavo-eighth month that I write in a row, so I have decided to do a little “test-review” of some of the stuff we have been reading and learning in SPANISH SUCKS… 

Say 1, 2, 3, en ESPAÑOL…  ¡WOW!  Now say and write the numbers between 0 and 10 en ESPAÑOL.


 ¿Can you do it backwards?


 ¿Can you do the same thing between 20 and 0?


Say and write your telephone number in pairs:

88   Ochenta y ocho             22   Veintidós

29   Veintinueve                    36   Treinta y seis

_________________        _________________

_________________        _________________

Count by hundreds between 0 and 1.000.

¿Can you do it now en ESPAÑOL?  Write the #’s:


There used to be 30 letters (“ch”, “ll” and “rr”) in the Spanish alphabet.  Look at them:

A “a”    B “be”    C “ce”    Ch “che”    D “de”    E “e”    F “efe”    G “ge”    H “hache”    I “i”    J “jota”    K “ka”    L “ele”    Ll “elle”/”doble ele”    M “eme”    N “ene”    Ñ “eñe”    O “o”    P “pe”    Q “cu”    R “ere”    Rr “erre”/”doble ere”    S “ese”    T “te”    U “u”    V “uve”    W “doble uve”    X “equis”    Y “i griega”/”ye”    Z “zeta”

Os - Lost in Translation

¿Can you spell your first apellido en ESPAÑOL?  Like this:

M   “eme”               U   “u”                     Ñ   “eñe”

O    “o”                   Z   “zeta”

_______                                _______                                _______

_______                                _______                                _______

Pronounce the “Big 5” vowels en ESPAÑOL.

A  /ah/   E  /eh/   I  /ee/    O  /oh/  U  /oo/

 Give me uno or dos tips that may be useful when you want to comunicate using ESPAÑOL.  (Besides talking ESPAÑOL)


 I just read this morning on the web that:  “Sound on the other hand is more elusive, and to get good at it you have to say things out loud and risk embarrassing yourself in front of others”…

Say the following words ¡as loud as you can!:

Elena, Eduardo, España, elefante, espada.

Olga, Orlando, Oslo, oso, ojo.

Ingrid, Ignacio, Inglaterra, iguana, iglesia.

Úrsula, Ulises, Uruguay, unicornio, uva.

Ana, Andrés, Alemania, ardilla, árbol.

 ¿Can you write the Días de la Semana backwards?


 Write the 12 Meses del Año en ESPAÑOL.


 ¿Can you spell the name of your home town en ESPAÑOL?  Like this:

C   “ce”                    A   “a”                     R   “ere

T   “te”                    A   “a”                     G   “ge

O   “o

_______                                _______                                _______

_______                                _______                                _______

_______                                _______                                _______

 ¿Which are the 4 ways to say “the” en ESPAÑOL?


¿And the 4 ways to say “white” en ESPAÑOL?


Translate, “match” and “agree” to el ESPAÑOL:

Book = _____  *  The book = __________

The white book  =  _______________

BookS = _____  *  The bookS = __________


The white bookS  =  _______________

 Table = _____  *  The table = __________


The white table  =  _______________

TableS = _____  *  The tableS = __________


The white tableS  =  _______________


I suppose you know the meaning of…

agua       amigo     baño       bueno     carro

casa        comida   dinero     grande   hombre

más         mucho    mujer      niño        nombre

número  persona  teléfono trabajo   por favor

tuanis     gracias   hola        adiós      pura vida


¡Buen trabajo gente!!!!!

 Sooo; you can count and spell, you can pronounce the vowels, you can match the gender and the pluralSSS and you know some “survival words”.

 Good for you…

Aaand; if you cannot count and spell, you cannot pronounce the vowels, you cannot match the gender and the pluralSSS and you do not know some “survival words”.

 Bad for you…

 Maybe you (yes, YOU) should start to learn “espa” one of these days…  ¿What are you waiting for?

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