Oceans Unlimited

Exploring the Blue with Oceans Unlimited & Marine Conservation Costa Rica

Can you see it? The ocean is turning bluer as we creep further and further into the dry season. As scuba divers, we are monitoring the color of the ocean every day, because to us, it gives a good insight into what our conditions are going to be like and what we might find. We will scuba dive 11 months out of the year, yes, even when it is raining, as you are going to get wet anyway. Even when the visibility is low, there is still plenty of things to see here on our local coral reef in Manuel Antonio. Some of our favorite residents are octopus and nudibranchs which are amazingly beautiful, colored sea slugs. No matter what the conditions are doing, we will find them, sometimes you just need to get down and dirty. Every creature on our reef no matter how big or small is important, and everything has its role to play. They all ensure that the reef continues to thrive.

As part of our work at Marine Conservation Costa Rica we conduct surveys on many of the local reef inhabitants and want to monitor any changes in numbers or activity. This can be very tricky and time consuming so we work with volunteers and intern scuba divers to try and get as much information as we can. Any change that we see, could indicate something happening to the ocean locally that is affecting the reef. This holiday season, we will be running out first ever Marine conservation camps. These will be for both scuba divers and non-scuba divers, where we will be training our next generation of underwater ambassadors in survey techniques and reef life. They will then be able to come out and dive with us in the future, gathering all of this essential information and data. Plus, by being seeing everything first hand underwater, they can really understand the impacts we have on the ocean.

The season has been off to a great start on land as well, with the education team heading out to a local school and presenting talks on ocean conservation. Our team was visiting a school in Manuel Antonio where they got to share their passion and knowledge with an excited class of future eco-warriors. Our environmental education program is slowly gathering momentum after the Pandemic and we hope to visit more schools in the area over the upcoming year. One of the most important weapons we have in our fight to conserve the oceans is the community around us, and educating everyone on local issues and what we can all do to help is a huge tool in this.

Even if it is just one child we inspire to take action, we have done what we set out to do.

You also may have noticed something fun around Quepos recently as well. Our “don’t drop litter” reminders have been repainted on the sidewalks around the town. Both in English and Spanish for all to see and to serve as a little reminder to everyone, to make that difference and take care of their trash responsibly. Everything ultimately ends up in the ocean and that is what we are trying to prevent.

With the support of Oceans Unlimited, their dive teams and the local community we will continue to build on our mission with these fun programs. If you want to get involved, check out our social media feeds to see what is happening in the area. And if you are thinking of learning to dive, now is the best time of year so contact Oceans Unlimited in the Marina Pez Vela to jump on a class. They run three times a week and are always happy to introduce you to the underwater world. See you underwater soon!