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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – January 2023

A new year is upon us, full of new beginnings, new hope, new opportunities and an undeniable sense of energy, optimism, and Pura Vida in every breath of air! The last month of 2022 truly set a tone for what is to come and after an amazing holiday season here at Marina Pez Vela, highlighted by the Iluminous nightly show and some amazing holiday celebrations, we are ready to celebrate all that 2023 has to offer. While for many places, after the Christmas and New Year holidays there is a bit of a lull, at MPV we move into the biggest events of the year to keep that energy and action moving with a super fun slate of news and events.


Every Wednesday night at 6:30pm the Marina welcomes back our community and visiting tourists to enjoy a free movie night under the stars. This is a great weekly tradition that brings together our local community and visitors to share in some magical sunsets and a weekly feature on Costa Rica’s largest projected outdoor screen. You can check out our social media profile on Facebook and Instagram for the weekly feature films. This is a great way to break up the week, enjoy a sunset and some food specials at any of our amazing restaurants, and spend an evening with family and friends, chilling under the stars at MPV.


The biggest, baddest, largest jackpot tournament in all of Costa Rica is BACK. The 2023 Rockstar is going to be the event EVERYONE will be talking about for the rest of the year. There are already a record number of boats and anglers signed up for this event at the time of publication and it promises to be the single largest tournament in the history of Costa Rica, both with number of participating teams and with the largest payout in history here.  If you are reading this before the 12th, get a team together and join the fun at MPV. If not, the daily weigh ins and energy around this event is something you will not want to miss!


While this event is not until February, we wanted to include here to encourage anyone interested to swing by or call the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center and get signed up. This one-day tournament focused on Roosterfish, one of the iconic inshore fish which is helping to make the local fishery famous all over the world. This catch and release tournament focused on conservation tagging Roosters for research and seeing which of our teams can land the largest Rooster of the day.  A super fun tournament for anglers of all skill levels and the inshore nature also makes it a great way for those who might be a bit nervous about heading offshore to experience a tournament all right off the coastline. Whether you are busy fighting this beautiful and fun species, or just marveling at the coast with a cold beer in hand, a day in the Rooster Rodeo is a day to remember!