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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – January 2022

What's Shaking header2022!!! A new year is upon us, full of new beginnings, new hope, new opportunities, and an undeniable sense of energy, optimism, and Pura Vida in every breath of air! The last month of 2021 truly set a tone for what was to come and after an amazing holiday season here at Marina Pez Vela, highlighted by the illuminous nightly show and some amazing holiday celebrations, we are ready to celebrate all that 2021 has to offer. While for many places, after the Christmas and New Year holiday there is a bit of a lull, at MPV we move into the biggest events of the year to keep that energy and action moving with a super fun slate of news and events.


Every Wednesday night at 6:30pm the Marina welcomes back our community and visiting tourists to enjoy a free movie night under the stars. This is a great weekly tradition that brings together our local community and visitors to share in some magical sunsets and a weekly feature on Costa Rica’s largest projected outdoor screen. You can check out our website, marinapezvela.com, for the weekly feature films, but this is a great way to break up the week, enjoy a sunset and some food specials at any of our amazing restaurants and spend an evening with family, friends, chilling under the stars at MPV.

ROCKSTAR, January 14-16th

The biggest, baddest, largest jackpot tournament in all of Costa Rica is BACK. The 2022 Rockstar is going to be the event EVERYONE is talking about for all of 2022. There are already a record number of boats and anglers signed up for this event at the time of publication and it promises to be the single largest tournament in the history of Costa Rica, both with number of participating teams and with the largest payout in history here. If you are reading this before the 14th, get a team together and join the fun at MPV. If not, the daily weigh-ins and energy around this event is something you will not want to miss!

ROOSTER RODEO, February 5th

While this event is not until February, we wanted to include here to encourage anyone interested to swing by or call the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center and get signed up. This one-day tournament is focused on Roosterfish, one of the iconic inshore fish which is helping to make the local fishery famous all over the world. This catch and release tournament focused on conservation tagging Roosters for research and seeing which of our teams can land the largest Rooster of the day. A super fun tournament for anglers of all skill levels and the inshore nature also makes it a great way for those who might be a bit nervous about heading offshore to experience a tournament, all right off the coastline. Whether you are busy fighting this beautiful and fun species, or just marveling at the coast with a cold beer in hand, a day in the Rooster Rodeo is a day to remember!

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – December 2021

What's Shaking headerIt finally feels like the clouds have lifted and we are seeing the end of a long winter both in terms of the end of the rainy season as well as the more than 18 months of impact from the Covid crisis in our tourism based community. December brings hope, opportunity, a renewed sense of gratitude for the wonderful community where we live, the manner in which we have come together to endure challenging times and excitement for what looks to be a wonderful high season ahead of us. The energy got rocking here last month with the two Dorado Derby Tournaments, which brought more boats than EVER before and a lot of fun, families, and friendships together at the project. December brings with us that holiday spirit, vientos Navideños, and the sense of community, brotherhood and celebration which defines both this country and the family at Marina Pez Vela.


One of the most exciting and enjoyable events for our community these past years has been the Quepos Triathlon, which had to be cancelled last year due to the Covid crisis. We are happy to announce that this December 5th, the COOPENAE TRIATHLON is back! There will be a limited pool of athletes this year, but 500 of the top competitors in CR and about 1500 visiting guests will come to pour their hearts into our waters and streets in this exciting competition. The dates in early December are always a quiet time before the high season and these local sporting events help bolster the local economy and provide a great example and inspiration to the youth and families in our Canton. Set your calendars, wake up early, come down for a breakfast at MPV and cheer on these athletes.


We are incredibly happy and proud to announce the grand opening of the Quepos Tackle Shop here at Marina Pez Vela! Marsha Bennet and her team are back to Marina. The marina has long needed the integration of a dedicated tackle shop and we were able to make space for the integration Marsha and Tanners iconic team with the relocation of the marina’s social outreach offices. Anything and everything you could need for your angling experience you can find here, and the friendliest and most knowledgeable team is waiting to help anglers of any ability to find the right lures, lines, rods, and reels. Don’t miss a chance to go visit the team and congratulate them on their new grand opening!


While we are not hosting a BRIGHTLIGHTS event this year due to the caution and care regarding the pandemic, there will be some beautiful and fun holiday activities going on all month at Marina Pez Vela. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for news on holiday specials at the restaurants, some fun activities for the families of our community and those who are visiting. 

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – November 2021

What's Shaking headerNever before has an upcoming “high” season been awaited with as much anticipation, joy, and celebration as what we and the world are now experiencing. November is always a time of renovation and energy here in Quepos/ Manuel Antonio as we move into the end of our rainy season and begin to plan for the coming holidays and peak tourism season. With the major advances and leadership in helping to insure vaccinations and health protocols, November will also be an important back-to-business month for so many in our community, and the family at Marina Pez Vela would like to take a moment to thank everyone in our community whose resiliency has helped to allow this area to be one of the touristic areas with the fastest recoveries anywhere in the world.

November is an action-packed month here at the marina and brings us back to fishing tournaments, some new additions to the plaza, and one of our favorite celebrations!


November 13th is the now famous Dorado Derby one-day fishing tournament. Last year, due to some logistics issues caused by some incredible rains, we had to break the tournament into two weekends as some anglers couldn’t get safely to Quepos and the result was so much fun that we decided to replicate the two-weekend option again in 2021! November 20th will be the Dorado Derby Dos. The rules, format, FUN is the same so pick one of these two weekends, get a team together or reach out to the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center to get hooked up with some other anglers. The Dorado bite has been epic and these one-day tournaments are a great opportunity for anglers at all levels to have fun, get an action-packed experience, share with friends, colleagues, family, and celebrate the coming season.

AUDIO MASTERS opens at Marina Pez Vela

We are extremely proud and happy to announce the opening of the Audio Masters store at Marina Pez Vela. This dynamic and beautiful new store is going to be a GAME CHANGER for so many of our community! Audio Masters is a tech solutions company which sells and installs home and professional security systems, audio systems, cell and computer parts, chargers, adapters, is an authorized MAC distributor and service center, and also offers some direct Amazon services. The days of “pleading” for a loaned charger for whatever version of MacBook, laptop, cell phone, are over as we have this great new additional. With the holidays coming up, make sure you drop by to check out this new beautiful and necessary addition to the plaza and our community!


Just as we await the high season with a renewed sense of gratitude and perspective, this year’s Thanksgiving holiday, which every year is more and more widely celebrated even here in Costa Rica, is going to be special. Covid has given us all perspective, and the family here at MPV will be giving THANKS this year to our amazing team of employees, our local community, and nation as a whole for coming together during this past year. All of the restaurants here will be open and ready to welcome you, your guests, friends and families to join us and to give thanks for our collective blessings.

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2021

What's Shaking headerWHALES ARE WHAT’S SHAKING!

The world’s longest mammal migration with humpback whales from both hemispheres coming to our pristine waters to have their young, teach them the art of survival, breaching and feeding, and begin the migration to the colder waters of both hemispheres. The Humpbacks are the main attraction and can be found just off the coast of Manuel Antonio and during these two months the whale watching tours are jaw dropping experiences with these majestic giants. Costa Rica has become so well known for “once in a lifetime experiences” and the experience of seeing these mammals up close, marveling when they breach with the dramatic background of Manuel Antonio is unforgettable. The Marina Pez Vela Guest Center has created opportunities for every budget and every style traveler so do NOT miss out on this opportunity to create memories with friends and family and also to support the local tour operators and economy during what are traditionally the most challenging months of the year.


While Costa Rica will not be 100% back to normal this year, the enormous advances with the vaccination program in the country is going to allow for some of the traditional celebrations of Costa Rican Independence Day to take place. IF there is one thing that the pandemic has taught all of us here in Costa Rica, it is that the pride, strength, and commitment for all of Costa Rica, but especially the smaller communities whose livelihood was almost entirely based on tourism, is unbreakable. At the time of publication, the specifics of this year’s celebration are yet to be determined as the health and security of our community will be at the forefront of all we and the community organize, but DEFINITELY come by the Marina as we will have some events, typical foods, some traditional folk dances and music popping up in and around the month-long celebration of our Independence.

HALLOWEEN, October 31st

What was once an expat holiday, hidden in the bars of the area, has become one of the most enjoyable family evenings and cultural fusion events of the entire year. The Marina, with its easy and safe trick or treating has become the PLACE to be for Halloween. Seeing both the expat and local families come together with their kids and extended families to celebrate everything that is so special but our community and this project is one of the highlights of the year. As the dates approach, stay tuned for restaurant specials and details on the schedule and security measures to insure a safe and enjoyable Halloween here at Marina Pez Vela. 


Get ready for the iconic Dorado Derby which is coming soon on November 13th. This is a super fun tournament, ideal for families, friends, first time anglers and anyone just looking to experience a day on the water, the fun of fishing at a great price in a great environment.  Inquire now at the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center for your reservation and more details.

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – July/August 2021

What's Shaking header
WE ARE BACK!!! Not that we ever really went anywhere but this July and August are a real celebration of a lot more than just US Independence Day. It is amazing to be welcoming all the families, US and global travelers who are coming back to discover or rediscovery this amazing destination. For so many of us who live and work in the tourism industry, the past 14-15 months felt desolate and eerily quiet. The Summer of 2021 will be remembered as our official COMEBACK season and it is something to celebrate. The joy in those fortunate to be visiting this Costa Rica, this magical area and our installations at the marina is matched only by the warmth, enthusiasm and gratitude in which the hotels, restaurants, tour operators and community in general are extending to the returning tourists and investors alike. Costa Rica has always been the land of Pura Vida, but now, more than ever, the family at Marina Pez Vela and this nation as a whole is ready to roll out the red carpet!

July 4th

This years July 4th Celebration here at Marina Pez Vela is going to be about a celebration of the return of visitors from the USA and all the demand for the rest of the year. While we will not have any large special events, out of respect and caution to insure we are respectful and responsible in our leadership to curb any potential contagion of the Covid virus, our restaurants, tour operators, and staff will be providing specials and promotions to make everyone feel at home and have a taste of a traditional 4th of July. Come by for a burger, bbq ribs, a hot dog, and some smiles as we celebrate another 4th in paradise.

August 15th, Mothers Day

This is one of the most special holidays in Costa Rica and it is a national holiday here for all the right reasons. Never has a celebration of our beloved mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers been more important than on the tailwinds of the stress the past year has inflicted on all corners of the globe and our society. Marina Pez Vela will be offering mothers day specials and a safe and warm environment from which to celebrate those amazing women who are the backbone of our lives, families and communities. Can’t hurt that we also get to celebrate our MOM’s surrounding by the breathtaking beauty of Mother Earth in all her glory here in Manuel Antonio.

Get ready for the Whales

Reminder that August is actually the official start of our whale watching season. While the bulk of this majestic migration is during September and October, we are already seeing the first of the Whales in August and the team at the Marina has a bigger and better offering than every before to allow anyone and everyone to experience this majestic creature. Reserve your visit now and have your camera ready,

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – April/May/June 2021

What's Shaking header
Hard to believe we are already here in April and have just completed our second Semana Santa while dealing with the CoVid crisis and its impact on our community, our beloved Costa Rica and the world at large. While so much of the world has been focused on the countless obstacles and hardships which we have collectively endured, the team and family at Marina Pez Vela is incredibly proud to be a beacon of light, hope and resiliency as we cross over the year anniversary from the closing of our borders in 2020.

This April -and the months ahead- there is a lot to celebrate, highlight and share with our community and including the ongoing tournament series for 2021 and some new additions to our commercial plaza.

Emilio’s Cafe and Faxas Cuban Cigars are both open for business here at Marina Pez Vela!

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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – February 2021

What's Shaking header
Marina Pez Vela brought in 2021 with some AMAZING experiences, energy and most importantly hope for a better year to come. There is tremendous energy at the project right now, some amazing new tenants, Costa Rica’s biggest Sportfishing tournament ever and February is going to bring more success stories and life to our community. We are so honored to be a part of the reactivation of our community, to be creating a public space to share with locals and tourists alike, and to be helping to demonstrate how we can all work collaboratively to create SAFE spaces where health protocols and security can allow us to share and create memories in this beautiful part of the world.


There are times when a name is just hype, times when the promise of something is bigger than the event itself, times where it’s all talk and no walk. AND THEN THERE WAS THE 2021 ROCKSTAR TOURNAMENT. 67 teams, more than $970,000 in prize money on the line, INSANE billfish bite with 364 anglers releasing 922 Billfish, including 37 blue marlin and 1 striped marlin in this two day extravaganza.

Here are the results.

Big Boat Division
First Place: Cabana with 3800 points
Second Place: Game Plan with 3500 points
Third Place: FishTank with 3400 points
Small Boat Division
First Place: Rockstar with 2100 points
Second Place: Gamefisher 2 with 1400 points
Third Place: Trifecta with 1300 points
Team Alaska, Good Times, Marina Pez Vela, and Kenneth Knock Development all took home prices in the Tuna and Dorado gamefish divisions.
Rockstar was much bigger than just the world class fishing, it was about the Marina, our community and all of the amazing teams who came to share with us showing the world we are BACK, that TOGETHER we can honor both protocol and health concerns, and still enjoy this amazing facility at Marina Pez Vela and the world class waters off our coastline!  

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What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – January 2021

What's Shaking header


While we can’t speak for the entire world, I think it is safe to say that never has a new year been welcome with as much hope, excitement, and communal sense of “good riddance” to the year we are leaving behind! 2020 was a challenge for the entire world and the family at the Marina, we are incredibly proud to have been a beacon of hope for our collaborators, our boat owners, and community at large. While 2020 was a year to endure for so many in our community, the hardest of times also brings out the BEST in us all as individuals, as a community, and as a project. Seeing the generosity, entrepreneurial spirit, resiliency, and love in our community has made us all remember just why it is we have chosen to live or visit this magical part of the world, and to be thankful during this 2021 ahead for the blessings which are part of anyone lucky enough to be reading this magazine and our updates.
So, onward and upward and there is PLENTY to be excited about in this fresh start in 2021.

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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – March 2020

What's Shaking headerMarch is a HOT month here at Marina Pez Vela and we are not just referring to the summer temperatures and booking tourism season. 2020 has been off to an insane start at both the project and in the area and we will take advantage of this new update to both recap some of our biggest events from the past and fill you all in on the activities to come here in March at the Marina.


We want to start by THANKING SAMANTHA MUMFORD and her entire organization team for an amazing success in the 2nd Annual PESCADORA tournament. This amazing event was a huge success in its first year and the event at the end of February was bigger and better here during its second incarnation. In addition to the record setting number of participants, tremendous female anglers and record setting fun, the PESCADORA represents so much more to the project and the area. Marina Pez Vela is about inclusion, changing perceptions, and letting the community, country, and world know that Sportfishing is much more than the tradition stigma of a “angler”. Marina Pez Vela is about inclusion, sharing this wonderful, and sustainable sport with families and our community and nothing represents this commitment than the PESCADORA and its amazing participants.


While the waters here are well known for the sailfish and marlin bite which attracts anglers from around the world, many fewer are aware that our inshore fishing and specifically the ROOSTER fishing here is world class. This amazing species is the focal point of the first ever ROOSTER RODEO, a one day inshore tournament focused on catching, tagging, and releasing these amazing species. To the novice, the Rooster fish is the one that looks like it has a MOHAWK with an amazing dorsal fin that sticks up like the crown of a roosters head. MPV has hosted several important satellite tagging expeditions and is leading the research on the conservation of this species and this tournament is all about celebrating its beauty and conservation. Learn more at marinapezvelatournaments.com.


This is the longest running tournament at Marina Pez Vela, one of the most competitive and this will be the biggest and baddest year ever. The QBC is back with the kick off registration event on the evening of March 19th and two days of intense fishing competition. The QBC, which is the only event in Costa Rica that is a qualifying event for the Offshore World Championship, is going to have some new formats this year which retains all the fierce competition, but also opens it up to anglers looking for more fun than fight. With two divisions, the GUN and the FUN you can select whether to fish with the IGFA rules or in the FUN division where hook and pass rules allow for just about anyone to try their hand in tournament fishing. The QBC is also the first leg of the Marina Pez Vela Championship Series (Gun division required) with a chance at a bonus of $25,000 to the series champion who accumulates the most points between the QBC and the Marina Pez Vela open the following month.


March has a total of 5 MOVIE nights so get your calendars ready and we will see you on:

March 4th: Bumblebee
March 11: Spiderman-Into the Spider-verse
March 18: Tomb Raider-Adventures of Lara Croft
March 25: Pokemon Detective Pikachu
March 31: Christopher Robin
Do not miss out on all the fun and action here and whether you are participating in the tournament or just looking for some great food in a beautiful setting, MPV is the place to be in March!

What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – February 2020

What's Shaking header2020 is off to a BLAZING start here at Marina Pez Vela and February is going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever before with a few of our largest and most exciting events! February might be the shortest month of the year, but is PACKED with activities and events which bring our community together to celebrate and share. This focus on community, on inclusion and on creating a space for EVERYONE to enjoy is at the core of what Marina Pez Vela stands for and it is our great honor to share the insight to our February events calendar with our Quepolandia family.

Costa Rica’s BIGGEST SUPER BOWL PARTY!! Sunday, February 2

Central America’s largest open air screen, 6 restaurants, ENGLISH broadcast, ALL THE COMMERCIALS, a stunning sunset, star filled night and the opportunity to watch the glory of victory and the agony of defeat. Do we really need to ask you to come??? WELL, WE ARE!! Do NOT MISS the Super Bowl party at MPV on Sunday December 2nd. There will be all kinds of food and drinks specials at our restaurants and whether you are dialed into every play or not, there is no better place to enjoy what has become the largest sporting event in the world. Forget about cleaning up your house, spilled beer on the couch, or what the non-football watching fans in your family and friends are going to do—they can eat ice cream while you scream at the screen here along with a few thousand of your closest friends! 
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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – January 2020

What's Shaking headerFrom the quiet tranquility and cool rains of our green season we emerge into the HOLIDAY MADNESS and explosion of another summer and peak travel season here at Marina Pez Vela. We are extremely excited about 2020 and all of what is to come both for the Marina as well as for our community at large. We will highlight some important news here for January and encourage you to visit our website, and to follow our social media on Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date news and events.

THE ROCKSTAR, January 11 and 12, 2020

The title could not be more fitting. It has now become the largest and biggest payout fishing tournament in Central America!! This two day shoot out is full of fun, rock and roll concerts, fishing crazies, fun team uniforms, photoshoots, and some incredible fishing. The tournament has divisions for anglers of all ages and capabilities and is an event not to be missed. For our local community, even if you are not participating, do NOT miss the early morning energy, (come down for some coffee at sunrise and enjoy breakfast in the marina…more to come on that) and DEFINITELY be back from 4-6 with the boats coming in, weigh station drama and live music in the plaza. GET READY TO ROCK AND ROLL.

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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – December 2019

What's Shaking headerDECEMBER IS HERE and MARINA PEZ VELA has a TON OF NEWS and EVENTS to report! The transition into both the dry season and the high season is in full swing and perhaps the first thing that comes to mind in this time of the year are the magical painted sunsets which we are marveling at nearly each evening from the Marina. The colors, boats, clouds, and at times, what seem to be fires in the sky are magical and bring locals and tourist alike out to marvel in the beauty and magic of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. With the change in weather and in overall tourism flow, we get back into the swing with some of our most iconic events here at the Marina and in our community, which we will outline here along with some BIG NEWS.


The closing even of the COPENAE Triathlon series is back to Quepos this year and is the first weekend of the month. This is a HUGE event for a host of reasons. First, the triathlon brings in over one thousand athletes to the community along with all their friends, family and support staff. This has become boom economically for the area during what is traditionally a very slow weekend in early December. We want to encourage the entire community to get out and support this event the days and evenings prior as well as the morning of the event. This is a great positive kind of tourism for our area, healthy athletes, role models, and families celebrating health, wellness, and a competitive athletic environment which is inspiring many in our local community to get involved in running, biking, swimming, and sports in general. The family at Marina Pez Vela also would like to remind and request that EVERYONE here work to coordinate to minimize traffic and for those who are driving to be VERY CAREFUL and respectful of the athletes. This is a great event for our community and our support as a project and community to insure a fun, safe and supportive environment is crucial.


HUGE NEWS and BIG CHANGES to BRIGHT LIGHTS THIS YEAR. 2019 will have our first BRIGHT LIGHTS PARADE ON THE MALECÓN INSTEAD OF INSIDE THE MARINA. This amazing community event has outgrown the marina and in past years we have had to close the doors for safety and security which leaves large parts of our community out of the event. BRIGHT LIGHTS was conceived and has always been about our community more than the marina and this 2019 we are working with the Municipality and the main stage, concerts, live circus, and parade of floats will take place on the Malecón. Special aquatic floats will be parading along the malecón in the water and we encourage and welcome EVERYONE to come out and make this year’s BRIGHT LIGHTS bigger and better than ever as it continues its natural path as a QUEPOS event. The Marina will remain open this day, our restaurants and shops will be providing services, specials and even a view of part of the fireworks at the close of the night. The floats which will be featured in the malecón will be on display ALL MONTH here at MPV so if you can’t make the big night, you can come by the marina anytime in December to enjoy in the holiday spirit.


One of our most enjoyable traditions here during the starry nights of the dry season is free movie night at MPV. The tradition continues this year with an important change. MOVIE NIGHTS are going to be each WEDNESDAY in December. It is a great way to celebrate “hump day” for a happy hour and meal here at the project and a beautiful night at the best movie theatre in Costa Rica! Stay tuned to our facebook page and website for the list of this month’s movies or check the schedule on page 62 and remember, ITS FREE AND FUN!


We are very proud to announce that we have a BRAND NEW restaurant at the marina, PESCA SEAFOOD HOUSE. PESCA is located in the heart of the plaza and is offering an amazing selection of fresh seafood, executive lunch specials, cold drinks and warm hospitality. PESCA is totally new concept, focused on becoming a part of what makes Quepos and the Marina so popular. Great seafood, casual environment, great value, and a local team of owners and operators who work to make every client feel at home. If you have not had the chance to try it yet, make plans to come down, marvel at a sunset, and enjoy some amazing new food at PESCA. You can check them out on facebook or any of the social media sites and read all the RAVE reviews

What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – November 2019

What's Shaking headerWhat an amazing September and October we have enjoyed here in the area and what was once an incredibly sleepy time of year has become something of a phenomenon in the area. WHALES WERE EVERYWHERE and this amazing experience has become an integral part of extending the tourism season here in Costa Rica and also creating an opportunity for tens of thousands of Costa Rican families to take advantage of the green season rates and explore this part of the country. As we roll into November, we have some AMAZING activities right on the horizon and it is never too soon to start marking dates, planning and making sure you are part of the action.


Arguably everyone’s favorite Holiday as our “turkey day” knows no religion and is a day of feasting, football, friendship, and family. What’s not to love and the Thanksgiving tradition is quickly gaining more and more popularity here in Costa Rica as locals get invited to share and experience the warmth of this special day with expats and tourists alike. The marina and our restaurants will once again be rolling out the red carpet with both traditional Thanksgiving Day meals and some non-traditional ones as well for people who want to share in the love, but not in the tryptophan induced naps after 5 pounds of turkey and stuffing. After your Turkey Day feast or in the days leading up to and after make sure to stop by Gelataria Amorosi here in the Marina for some Pumpkin Pie Gelato which is too die for…and if they still have their Whiskey Cream, it is worth two scoops!

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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2019

What's Shaking headerAHHH…September and October…the DOUBLE EDITION of the Quepolandia. This wonderful time of year where we typically have the rainiest of weather, the slowest of tourism numbers, and the best kept secret in all of Costa Rica. What is that secret you ask? Come close so I can whisper it to you…Thats it…A bit closer…“THESE ARE TWO OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, SERENE, COOL, AND ENJOYABLE MONTHS TO SPEND IN THE MANUEL ANTONIO AREA!”  Looking to spend all day tanning, maybe February is for you. Hoping for packed restaurants and bars…Semana Santa will be here soon enough. For anyone reading this article you are either a local (congrats) or one of the lucky visitors who braved the ‘rainy season’ fears and will get to experience this town, the rainforest, and Marina Pez Vela in some of its purest forms. Don’t let the sleepy feel and sometimes rainy weather fool you, there is PLENTY going on and lots to get ready for in the coming months as these tranquil days are the restful periods before our 2019-2020 madness starts again before you can blink an eye.

Whale Watching

What was once a quite natural phenomenon has become a PILLAR of our low season tourism flow and an incredibly important financial push for our community. Whale Watching is at its FULL PEAK during September and October and it is one of the most amazing experiences you can ever witness. These majestic creatures are part of the longest mammal migration cycle on the planet and we get to watch the first steps of it with the mothers and calves in the waters right off our shore. Marina Pez Vela is proud to be promoting and a launch pad for this important experience and in addition to all the promotion we do as a project, we are also proud to be giving courses from Marine Biologists, MINAE, and some of our local residents about sustainable practices and how to understand these species, educate our tourists, and protect these amazing animals. Do NOT miss out on the opportunity to experience these whales up close and you can reach out to our team at ifishquepos.com for more information on a tour, private boat charter, or personalized experience.

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What’s Shaking at Marina Pez Vela – August 2019

What's Shaking headerAugust is a very special time here in at Marina Pez Vela and in Costa Rica as it is the month of MOTHERS DAY! While most of our monthly schedules revolve around fishing tournaments, massive events, movies under the stars, etc. in August we have a month dedicated to allowing our local community to enjoy the space of Marina Pez Vela, focus on families and the last days before the more intense seasonal rains tend to visit in September and October. Marina Pez Vela has and will continue to dedicate a great deal of our time, energy and resources in to creating a year round tourism destination with dynamic activities for those who are visiting us regionally and internationally but we also have a very firm commitment to our local community and creating time and space for locals and expats alike to enjoy this marvelous public space. August is one of those months and we will highlight some of the events taking place, special dates and activities to enjoy.


As mentioned above, August is about celebrating the amazing women who give us life, sustain us all guide us with their love, wisdom and unwaivering support. Mothers Day in Costa Rica, August 15, is actually a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in Costa Rica with everything and everyone in the nation stopping to pay tribute. This year, Mothers Day falls on a Friday so you can bet that many will be taking a long weekend and treating Moms all over the country to some love and attention,. While there is no planned event at the marina, due to the inability to count on a starry evening for Mothers Day, all of our restaurants and shops will have specials running well before the big day so you can plan a special dinner, sweet dessert, family tour or pick up something at one of our boutiques to show your appreciation. Start your planning now and make reservations at Z Gastro, Gabriellas, Runaway Grill, Mercato del Porto, Sunrice or Double Hook for the best seating and specials.

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