Marina Pez VelaWhat's Shaking? @ Marina Pez Vela

What’s Shaking @ Marina Pez Vela – September/October 2021

What's Shaking headerWHALES ARE WHAT’S SHAKING!

The world’s longest mammal migration with humpback whales from both hemispheres coming to our pristine waters to have their young, teach them the art of survival, breaching and feeding, and begin the migration to the colder waters of both hemispheres. The Humpbacks are the main attraction and can be found just off the coast of Manuel Antonio and during these two months the whale watching tours are jaw dropping experiences with these majestic giants. Costa Rica has become so well known for “once in a lifetime experiences” and the experience of seeing these mammals up close, marveling when they breach with the dramatic background of Manuel Antonio is unforgettable. The Marina Pez Vela Guest Center has created opportunities for every budget and every style traveler so do NOT miss out on this opportunity to create memories with friends and family and also to support the local tour operators and economy during what are traditionally the most challenging months of the year.


While Costa Rica will not be 100% back to normal this year, the enormous advances with the vaccination program in the country is going to allow for some of the traditional celebrations of Costa Rican Independence Day to take place. IF there is one thing that the pandemic has taught all of us here in Costa Rica, it is that the pride, strength, and commitment for all of Costa Rica, but especially the smaller communities whose livelihood was almost entirely based on tourism, is unbreakable. At the time of publication, the specifics of this year’s celebration are yet to be determined as the health and security of our community will be at the forefront of all we and the community organize, but DEFINITELY come by the Marina as we will have some events, typical foods, some traditional folk dances and music popping up in and around the month-long celebration of our Independence.

HALLOWEEN, October 31st

What was once an expat holiday, hidden in the bars of the area, has become one of the most enjoyable family evenings and cultural fusion events of the entire year. The Marina, with its easy and safe trick or treating has become the PLACE to be for Halloween. Seeing both the expat and local families come together with their kids and extended families to celebrate everything that is so special but our community and this project is one of the highlights of the year. As the dates approach, stay tuned for restaurant specials and details on the schedule and security measures to insure a safe and enjoyable Halloween here at Marina Pez Vela. 


Get ready for the iconic Dorado Derby which is coming soon on November 13th. This is a super fun tournament, ideal for families, friends, first time anglers and anyone just looking to experience a day on the water, the fun of fishing at a great price in a great environment.  Inquire now at the Marina Pez Vela Guest Center for your reservation and more details.