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Titi Conservation Alliance and INBIO – What a pair!

By Tey Arce

Whether you’re a born tico or an adopted one, chances are good that you’ve heard or visited the INBIO Park. The National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica (INBIO) is an internationally renowned private research and management center supporting conservation and sustainable development projects.

Last month, for almost 9 consecutive days, a group of 8 INBIO experts and entomologists explored the surroundings of our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor. Together with Titi Conservation Alliance team, the group placed traps and collected biodiversity data. Such information is being used to develop the first corridor’s formal ecological report.

Titi’s Conservation Alliance, members and the titis themselves are endlessly thankful to INBIO’s cooperation. And the great news is that final results are expected in October this year. Yes… we’ll keep you informed!

Additionally, leaded by a new director specialized in sustainable tourism, the alliance is now working on the creation of a local purchasing cooperative to help member businesses contribute to the empowerment of local people while improving their own economies of scale.

We are encouraging everyone to get involve in these efforts. Write to us about your tico artisan neighbor, local agricultural farms, regional artists… they will surely appreciate it. Or if you have a local-manufactured product for hotel/tourism supply, let’s meet!  Please send all information to [email protected].

For more information on Titi Conservation Alliance, please visit our website at www.monotiti.org, or contact us at [email protected] at any time.

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