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The 7 Secrets of Successful Language Learning

 By Os

¡Feliz Navidad!

¿How are you guys?  ¿How are you preparing yourselves for the holidays?

This month I want to share with you ”The 7 Secrets of Successful Language Learning”.  I cannot take credit for these seven advice, I saw a video from each one in the YouTube channel of Steve Kauffman.  He knows his stuff. He has learned more than 11 languages… ¡Four of them since the age of 50!  You can listen more about his seven secrets here.
Spanish Pura Vida

But for now I will tell you what the secrets are:
     To spend the time with your language.

Dos:     To do what you like doing.

Tres:     To notice what is happening in your language.

Cuatro:     To focus on words.

Cinco:     To be patient.

Seis:     To make sure to get the proper tools.

Siete:     To take charge of your own language learning.


¡Now it is your turn to tell me the seven secrets!

Uno:  ____________________________________

Dos:  ____________________________________

Tres:  ___________________________________

Cuatro:  _________________________________

Cinco:  __________________________________

Seis:  ___________________________________

Siete:  ___________________________________

¡Well done guys!  I am personally trying to learn Chinese-Mandarin and have problems with the secret number one (I don’t spend enough time with my mandarín) and with the secret number five (I’m not very patient).

¿What about you?  E-mail me to [email protected] which ones are your weaknesses about learning español and I will give you a decent tip or trick to solve it!!

¡That’s enough for this year guys!  ¡We learned a lot this 2015!  I am very proud of you guys.  I know that it is hard to learn a language and the reason I write this columna is to try to make learning español simpler, easier and funnier.  I know sometimes I can’t find a way to make it simple, maybe myself  sucks, maybe Spanish Sucks… ¡jajajaj!

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