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Surrender the Selfies

By Todd Pequeen

The way we portray ourselves to the public is never how it seems. The lexicon of internet usage that has just appeared this century has a word that spurs on many thoughts for me. Selfie. This unique noun, brought to us from technology has gone beyond a picture, it is a word that has changed how people experience moments in time and brings a “mirror” to every situation that has a cell phone. Like anything, there are varied opinions on what a selfie is actually showing. A picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone has an opinion, and very easily images can be misconstrued. Health, happiness, beauty, and achievement all are on a sliding scale and a matter of opinion. A projected public picture can translate to egocentric, self-involved, or pompous….for it is a very fine line indeed. The phenomenon of women pursing their lips (duck face) with an ever so mystic look in their eyes to me is downright idiotic. Sickening when it is a young girl just doing what she’s seen hundreds of times before. We are bombarded daily by television, magazines, and internet often saying that we are not good enough, that we just don’t measure up. Culture, trends, and the ever so popular cosmetic surgery all help to shape opinions on who is beautiful and what the “in thing” is…Hollywood reigns supreme. With Go-pro cameras making everyone think they are heroes (or not), body image is a major player in how we go about our work, play, and our very lives.

With the coming of another new year I suggest we all take a few steps back, back into ourselves. We can become even more vibrant when we go down a path of least resistance and surrender. Massage therapy can ease not only the tension in our muscles, but also the tension that can accrue from swimming in a sea of unrealistic imaging and negative messaging related to appearance and physicality. Healthy touch can help a person appreciate his or her body as it is. Bulges, scars, wrinkles and all, I have witnessed clients begin to take pleasure in their own bodies and have a boosted confidence, connection and acceptance of themselves. All from the simple act of letting go and allowing a professional body worker to do his or her job.

There are situations in life that need more than words to heal. When wounds are experienced in a preverbal level of development it is often very difficult to use simply words to move on and to forget psychological dis-ease. For those people words are mute and impotent for recovery. The modality of non-verbal body based therapy can be a powerful game changer. Especially in a society so focused on body image and beauty, youth and perfection, massage therapy can be a grounding practice that results in self-care and self-love, sending a new message. You are whole. You are worthy of love. You are perfect just as you are. Regular massage can be a tool to turn people’s lives around when other therapies cannot. For those of you who have never received a professional massage and stand on the platform of “I could never have someone massage me.” I suggest you take a long hard look at why and reconsider as it may be the best choice you have ever made. Have an amazing holiday and new year season!

(Todd Pequeen is a pioneer of the spa industry here in Manuel Antonio since 2000. He works independently at his tree top home studio or at your location and can be reached at 8830-7727. His free time is spent reading, writing, surfing, traveling, and spreading love.)

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