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That’s Fishin’ – August 2016

51 lb World Record Snook on a 15 lb line
51 lb World Record Snook on a 15 lb line

By Sarah Munro

Sometimes awesomeness just happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. Take this for example—I’ve booked inshore fishing with Roy Zapata (local/international fishing legend), and always knew in the back of my head that it was possible to catch a world record fish. Why not, as Roy has brought in world record fish before. And when he was chartered in my tournament last year, it was Roy that took Papa to ‘the spot’ and brought in a 77 lb grouper, the tournament winner. Roy is indeed a legend. I’ve had my fair share of fish when I go out with him—last time we had 8 different species of fish in one day. No world record, but just try and go and do that yourself. It’s one thing to write it, it’s quite another thing to do it.

If you haven’t guessed, this is all leading to one thing. A new WORLD RECORD. GIDDY UP. That’s right. This past weekend, while fishing on Tranquilo Charters panga, Chloe Frijole, clients had Roy put them on the fish again. In an epic way, of course—it was a 51 pound snook caught on 15 lb test. It’s still pending with International Game Fishing Association, but there is no doubt in my mind that the record will stick. Roy is too good of a Captain, and Tranquilo Charters runs two tight ships. Congratulations to the anglers, who just had their lives completely changed. For me, it means booking Roy again, for I know one day that he will put me on the monster fish of my dreams. And until that day happens, I will continue fishing with Roy because I truly like the man. He’s humble, funny, and a family man who takes care of business. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what Bill Pino (AKA Squid Vicious) of Squidnation had to say:

So a group of guys decide to head out on Tranquilo Sportfishing for 1.5 day long range marlin trip out of Quepos, CR. They raised an incredible 39 blue marlin, releasing 14 on conventional gear and 1 on the fly. One would think they couldn’t top that. Especially since their next trip was gonna be a relaxing half day inshore trip on the other Tranquilo Charter boat, the Chloe Frijole. Think again folks. A few minutes ago we just got this picture emailed to us. They just boated the Snook of a lifetime. Congrats to the charter and of course to Tranquilo Charters from Quepos, Costa Rica.

Team Tranquilo
Team Tranquilo

Oh yeah. I haven’t even told you about the FADS part yet. So, as you can surmise from Squid Vicious’ comments above, this group of men had their lives completely changed. In an EPIC way. They hooked 39 and released 14. That’s amazing. I’m about half dead after 2 marlin, I can’t imagine what 14 would feel like—but I’d like to. And I will, because I’m headed out to the FADS this August to have my own life changing experience. I can’t wait.

Important to note here, that Tranquilo Charters has two boats—a 57’ Spencer Yacht for offshore trips and the Chloe Frijole 33’ Panga serves inshore trips. Each boat has a different Captain, with Captain Roy Zapata on the Chloe Frijole and Captain Victor Lopez on the Tranquilo. Each Captain is world class in his own right. Captain Victor has had an amazing tournament season fishing with owners Ken and Amanda Cofer. Winning is the Tranquilo way. Be like Team Tranquilo.

Sometimes you luck out, and if you’re here, in Quepos reading this article in August, then you’ve got monster Fish God luck. Because you can go out and try your luck at a possible 39 marlin in one day, or, perhaps you’ll go inshore to get your new world record with Captain Roy. Either way, or both ways, you’re guaranteed an excellent day out on the water. Whale season should be full swing by now, so get those legs out on the water and see it. Do it. Because Pura Vida lives here, it’s waiting for you.

Want to book your adventure with Roy or Victor on Tranquilo Charters? Call Amanda directly at 6208 7620 and tell her that Sarah sent you, you’ll get my special referral rate!

This next month looks to be just as epic as the past 6. It’s something that you just can’t deny. Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica is the best fishing destination in the world. Period.

If you’d rather have me ‘hook you up’ drop me a line to: [email protected]

Until then friends, TIGHT LINES and KEEP ON FISHIN.