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That’s Fishin’ – April 2013

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the Quepos Billfish CupBy Sarah Munro

This is world class fishing, and the season is HOT. Hitting inshore on a daily basis are Red Snapper, Roosterfish, and Snook. Offshore, double hook-ups seem to be the norm for sailfish. SWEET! The marlin are hitting, just a bit more elusive than earlier in the year. Wahoo and Dorado are also being boated on a regular basis. Boats were fishing between 14-20 miles out in December and January; the fish have moved off to cooler, deeper waters at around 25 miles. Make sure your cooler is full! 

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the Quepos Billfish CupThe fishing community here is amazing, and it shows – Marina Pez Vela just hosted the Quepos Billfish Cup. Results were fantastic with 250 fish for 12 boats over 3 days. Interesting to note that Top Angler, and, Top Lady Angler went to Donna Jones, who just wailed the entire weekend – as did most of the boats, did you check that fish count?! Shout outs to all the competitors, and sponsors for making a charity event possible. You can catch all of my tournament audio updates and final results at www.queposbillfishcup.com

Marina Pez Vela just hosted the Quepos Billfish Cup

Maverick Yachts just hosted the Billfish Rodeo here in Quepos, and yours truly was on the winning boat, the Pelese. Thereʼs only one word to sum it up and thats EPIC. In one day we brought in 12 Sailfish, hitting where nobody else was. Three triple hookups, and one hook-up of 5 fish. Thatʼs right, five fish hooked simultaneously. The fish gods definitely were looking down on us and it’s a day that I will NEVER forget. It does get better………Marina Pez Vela is home to this year’s Offshore World Championships, April 14-19. This is THE premiere fishing event worldwide, it’s the best of the best – competitors are from all over the world and at the very top of their game. Whatʼs fantastic is that just about anyone can go out and bring in their dream fish. So, call a captain, and get your sea legs ready, because the open water is waiting for you. Fish on friends, fish on. 

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area who has been fishing since infancy. Rumor has it she gutted her first fish before she was diaper trained. Her favorite place to hang out is Harley M on the Beach, and on the water. Be sure to check the next Quepolandia, Sarahʼs going fishing.

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