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Tener = To have #1

By Os

¡Feliz Día de la Amistad amigos! ¿Did your team make it to the Super Bowl? Mine (Broncos) didn’t…

Today we are gonna master the Times Table # 6. Tener.

TenER = TO have #1

I          ten go

you, s/he, it          tiene

we          ten emos

you all, they          tien en

Tener means to have but only when you have or don’t have something like in:
“I don’t have a car.”

Tener is useful…

Tener does NOT mean to have when you have done or haven’t done something like in:
“I haven’t spoken with my mother today.”

Tener is NOT useful… Haber is the verb we must use.

Spanish Pura Vida

That’s the reason why:
Tener = To have #1. And Haber = To have #2.

¿You noticed that? In Spanish there are two different action words that mean TO HAVE.

In the future, we’ll have a specific article for Haber. Today, we’ll focus on Tener.

I am going to write some phrases in español and you are going to translate them to inglés. I am going to translate them too, using my word-for-word Spanglish brain.

Yo no tengo carro.
______________________________ (your translation).
I not have car. (my translation).

Yo tengo cuatro hermanos.
______________________________ (your translation).
I have four brothers. (my translation).

Yo no tengo 44 años.
______________________________ (your translation).
I not have 44 years. (my translation).

Yo tengo 33 años.
______________________________ (your translation).
I have 33 years. (my translation).

Yo no tengo frío.
______________________________ (your translation).
I not have cold. (my translation).

Yo tengo calor.
______________________________ (your translation).
I have heat. (my translation).
Yo no tengo hambre.
______________________________ (your translation).
I not have hunger. (my translation).
Yo tengo sed.
______________________________ (your translation).
I have thirst. (my translation).

Yo no tengo que trabajar hoy.
______________________________ (your translation).
I not have that to work today. (my translation).

Yo tengo que estudiar español.
______________________________ (your translation).
I have that to study Spanish. (my translation).

Now I am going to ask you some questions in español and you are going to answer them in Spanish. Right below your answer will be mine. Pay attention to the explanations that I give to all my Spanish answers.
¿Usted tiene carro?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo no tengo carro. (my answer).
I don’t need a car. (my explanation).

¿Usted tiene herman@s?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo tengo cuatro hermanos. (my answer).
My parents didn’t have a tv. (my explanation).

¿Cuántos años tiene usted?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo tengo 33 años de edad. (my answer).
In English you are ## years old. In Spanish you have ## years of age. Think that your age is your possession, your years old are your possession. (my explanation).

¿Usted tiene frío o tiene calor?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo tengo calor. (my answer).
In English you are hot or cold. In Spanish you have heat or cold. Think that the sensation of hotness or coldness is something that you have, not something that you are. (my explanation).

¿Usted tiene hambre o tiene sed?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo tengo sed. (my answer).
In English you are hungry or thirsty. In Spanish you have hunger or thirst. Think that the sensation of hunger or thirst is something that you have, not something that you are. (my explanation).

¿Qué tiene que hacer hoy?
¿What you have that to make/to do today?
______________________________ (your answer).
Yo tengo que finalizar este artículo. (my answer).
Today is the deadline. In English and in Spanish when obligation comes we have to make/to do some things or some actions. (my explanation).

One more:
¡Yo tengo ganas de comer helado!
______________________________ (your translation).
¡I have desire of to eat ice cream! (my translation).
In English you feel like doing something. In Spanish you have desire/wish of to do something. Think that the desire of eating ice cream is something that you have, not something that you feel like. (my explanation).

Well done guys, send your answers to my e-mail: [email protected]

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