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Technology For The Win: The Rise of Smart Kitchens

Design Wise logoBy Karoline Gore

Kitchens are often renowned as the heart of the Costa Rican home, but these days, that heart might need some TLC. Traditional foods like casado and the morning batch of pinto de gallo are still being served in Costa Rica, but something might be missing from this tradition: a sit-down style family meal. Eating together as a family has been found to have a plethora of benefits. Unfortunately, life today is very fast-paced, and your family time might be paying the price. After a long, hard day, it’s quite a challenge to make a home cooked meal and rally the troops to have a family dinner. Of course, you can’t cut corners in life, but what you can do is let technology help you out!

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It’s More Than Convenient

Sure, there are some amazing smart kitchen appliances out there that can make cooking, cleaning, and even shopping way more convenient. That said, it’s much more than that. Saving a few minutes in the kitchen can mean the difference between seeing your children before they’ve left for the day, or missing that opportunity. There are some things you can do on your own to save some time, like meal prepping ahead of time, or even making and freezing completed meals to be heated and served whenever you like. Smart appliances can make your efforts go even further.

KitchenBut Wait, There’s More

A smart stove that uses WIFI will allow you to do things remotely, like preheat the oven (so that your prepped, frozen sesame chicken is ready to go in as soon as you get in) is at the top of the smart-kitchen. Going one step further, now there is also “scan to cook” smart technology. This allows you to simply scan the barcode of a packaged item, and the smart stove or microwave will automatically set the correct temperature, setting, and cooking time. It even notifies your phone when it’s ready! Implementing these technologies is one means of saving time in the kitchen. That’s not all, though; smart kitchen appliances can also help you become a better cook. These appliances help make meal preparation more streamlined and less complex, making things easier on the chef.

Keeping Up With Life

Sitting down to a family meal, any time of day be it breakfast or dinner, is a perfect opportunity to keep in touch with your loved ones. Reconnect with your significant other, learn what new thing your daughter or son is into this month, and simply share your day and some smiles. When you’re keeping up with work, family, life in general, take some time to make sure you’re not losing touch or missing out. After all, life should be enjoyed. All work and no play isn’t conducive to that. So take whatever edge you can get, and live your best, happiest life.