Guest Writer

Sloth on the Rocks

Sloth on the rocksBy Jeannie Bird 

Back in Quepos/Manuel Antonio – this being my 7th journey to Costa Rica and every time there is always something to write home about. 

I choose to be on foot while living here for 3 months and find myself discovering wonderful quiet side roads, waterfalls, and pristine beaches. 

Into my second week I head out to the local playa with my dog Candi to spend some time for a swim.  I notice movement on the rocky ledge and walk closer.  Whow! “What are you doing here?” I ask.  Thus my conversation with a sloth begins.  This fellow obviously has fallen from a tree and there isn’t a tree close enough for him to climb back on and be where “a sloth should be – up a tree”!


I decide to sit with the dog awhile but find myself restless thinking of this poor animal caught – one step forward and three back.  He needs help! 

I am not afraid of getting close – great opportunity I think with camera in hand for a close-up.  His smile is infectious and in no time we have become “friends”. He needs me and  I decide to get him out of this terrible situation he has found himself.  It is low tide so we have at least 5 hours to work this out.  I head toward land and find a 6 ft. thick stick and “explain” to him he needs to cling onto this.  Slowly (sloth’s don’t move quickly) he grabs onto it with his right three toes.  Yes! Come on buddy now the left.  Success!!  I heave him up and unhook his back leg from a crevice and run for the shore in my little two piece with my dog looking at us both – wondering what on earth is she doing? 

He settles himself but can’t figure out how to climb on top of this old tree that has fallen and find myself repeating the steps all over again.

He’s got it!  Up up with all my strength I land him on a horizontal branch and away he goes. 

I feel blessed to have had this experience with a sloth.  But it isn’t my first.  Last year I had the Bomberos come and take away a young sloth who had a run in with a dog and needed veterinarian help.  If you see any animal in need of help call Mono Azul – Kids Saving the Rainforest and they will contact the people in charge. All to say Pura Vida.