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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

By Shelley Workman

Sensorimotor psychotherapy is supporting many of us to heal naturally from trauma and hurtful, life experiences!

Unique to Costa Rica, Holis Wellness Center is offering a style of  body-centered therapy called Sensorimotor psychotherapy (SP). Sensorimotor Psychotherapy developed by Pat Ogden and Ron Kurtz in the early 80’s is gaining international recognition for its successes around treating trauma and hurtful life experiences. Unlike traditional forms of psychotherapy that starts in the mind, SP is a specific technique that assesses and works with the body and it’s sensations first. The client/therapist team is also a huge focus, for the secrete to this therapy is authenticity during the observations,  interactive dialogue and experimenting to determine the course, pace, and format of treatment.   Information and key points pertinent to the sessions are revealed through focusing and awareness of structural alignment and posture, balance, breathing, and movements.  In each session, SP highlights physical, emotional and mental strengths. With this method,  any “holes” in our health profile can be contacted more confidently.  “Holes” tend to show up in form of locked trauma, fears, unresolved hurts and grief, pain/discomforts and deep physical and emotional wounds.  As strength and holes work together side by side in the body, a more integrated person gets recreated.  This also is a whole person who has the reinstated, organic ability to better metabolize stress and life’s challenges. Again, this technique approaches the body first through an acute awareness of it’s sensations and then incorporates elements of the emotions and the mind. The following are examples of resources that commonly are worked in sessions:

Balance – Leadership – Keeping things in Perspective – Self-awareness – Accountability to someone or something – Responsibility – Generosity – Gratitude – Hope/Joy – Resourcefulness – Sense of Humor – Flexibility – Handling Rejection – Courteousy – Time Management – Support – Learning – Conflict Resolution

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