Dave BolgerQué Pasa en Quepos

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – May/June 2023

Bienvenidos …Welcome.

I have written 27 paragraphs and shaved it to 9. But only 4 fit and Paul is waiting to put HIS baby to sleep. So I am saving it for July. Our Birthday I mean EVERY TOURIST, EXPAT, and Tico who ever touched a QUEPOLANDIA CELEBRATE and if you see Paul buy him a drink, he has earned it.

Change stimulus our very being.

We look forward to what’s ahead, 25 years of publication done. Website almost 1,000,000 views. Did that too. (Updated website soon.) So how can we beat the last 25 years of sharing this enchanted paradise we all call home? Change, you never know what is coming—but with a Positive Attitude and “Pura Vida” success is achieved by those who try. Thank you so much Ana.Your Dream. Keep trying. Pat, well we all love you and your soul is in every issue. I just deliver them and Paul makes me look good. So kind of a tough act to follow but we aren’t following we are just pausing putting a flag in the ground to mark HISTORY. My first QUEPOLANDIA Flag was 23 years ago. It is not only a flag but I still have it. We’ll let you know in July. We are taking on the challenge of a repeat season with a new look, website, too early to talk about but our nonprofit has hatched. Change—never—we will always begin with Ana’s first word. We will always start with Bienvenidos …Welcome.

We just added Gracias and to everyone, especially all the advertisers that trusted us every single month to get magazines to a newsstand near you by the first of the month Thank you. We ALL do. You and Paul made it happen without either, never. Thank you both. Please take a bow.

We want to Thank Lorena Rojas with the coveted not final cover. But this is history, grab one quick and no selling them on eBay. It least until 2048. That will be another good flag time to look back. I really hope WingPeopleUnited is flocked together and we made a positive change—to Mother Earth For future generations. STOP. LOOK UP. Conservation of Mother Earth and all that live with her. The next 25 years we need to improve and we have a plan. A change.

And Ana Ana could have also started with just 2 words, PURA VIDA.

As always, please share your comments on [email protected] from our first 25 years and we hope to share them in July Quepolandia.

Gracias A Todos
Peace and Enjoy…Q. Mike Drop…Get ready for Our Encore, we ARE.

See you all at sunset July 1 to “Make a Wish’