Pat CheekQué Pasa en Quepos

¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – March 2013

Cover March 2013Bienvenidos/Welcome to PARADISE and our beautiful area….we are happy to have you here………March is a busy month with Semana Santa/Easter week and the influx of many people to our beaches. Traffic can get a little slow on the hill so take your time and have some patience – also keep an eye out for many pedestrians….it’s only a 7km road so it won’t take long to get there safely……..and then Pura Vida! …with lots of people come the not so nice little snatch and grab thieves so be aware and hang on to you “stuff” – we may live in Paradise but it’s the same the World over..don’t let your vacation get ruined by not paying attention…We have the greatest tours and the best restaurants around so enjoy a fun and active day then relax with a cold beverage, a beautiful sunset and a delicious dinner…..Hotel Makanda is now having a Pool side BBQ every Sunday – a beautiful spot to enjoy the afternoon..check it out….plus a 10% discount if you mention their ad in Quepolandia………..March Madness for you basketball fans – many places will have the games on so no problem…and don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day…sure to be a “Green Beer” somewhere…Wacky Wanda’s might have something going on….We would like to thank Lloyd Collison of Midhurst, Ontario for our very colorful cover of the Toucans..great shot!….our beaches are beautiful and the weather great so enjoy a boat ride that you can Captain with Tres Ninas Boat Rental, or charter one of our great Sportfishing boats, like Chaser, Luna Tours, Pez Rey, Mad Marlin or Pez Espada(see their ads)  and go catch dinner- Dos Locos Restaurante in Quepos  will cook it any way you like… we hear the fishing’s been great…..well that about wraps it up for the month safe, have fun – remember to check us out regularly online and follow us on facebook…tell your friends about your great vacation in Quepos/Manuel Antonio and come back soon……….ciao …………..P