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¿Qué Pasa en Quepos? – August 2022

Bienvenidos… Welcome to our piece of paradise, we are sure you are going to love it. There are so many wonderful things Costa Rica has to offer and we are here to guide you. So get out, explore and enjoy your vacation. Our beaches are amazing to surf, stroll or just tranquilo. We also have many National Parks to visit and experience all the wildlife each area has to offer. I recommend a trained guide so you don’t miss anything. They really do enhance your tour with their extensive knowledge of the parks and the wildlife. National Park Day is August 24 so be sure to celebrate it and enjoy nature.

August brings in the beginning of whale season here in the Southern Pacific. This is when the humpback whales come to give birth and is the best time to view them. Marina Pez Vela has a fleet of boats to get you out and up close. Book your whale watching tours with Brisa Elegante or Sunset Sails and experience the majestic mammals and their calves frolicking in their environment.

In August there is a lot of reasons for a fiesta. International Beer (cerveza) Day is Aug 5 and National Rum Day is Aug 16 so “cheers”. We also want to wish all you mothers an incredible Mother’s Day, Aug 15. Thank you for all you do. So don’t forget to make those dinner reservations or maybe book a Spa Day treatment for that special woman she deserves it.

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We want to thank Robert Simpson for this month’s pineapple cover shot.

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