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Off season?! What off season?

kissing a dead fishBy Sarah Munro

The fish are here, that’s for sure.  I went out twice this past month with local captains.  Inshore was in a traditional panga boat among the whipping waves of Palo Seco.  We dropped lines in the water and within 3 minutes we had a fish on.  Awesome.  Got some snook, jack, a pair of catfish, and had a hell of a time with 3 fish that never made it to the boat.  Not bad for just a half day out.

Offshore, the marlin action has been heating up, and it didn’t take long for word to get out.  The grounds 30-40 miles out are fantastic right now, and it was apparent by how many boats were already there when we arrived.  Lines were in around 9 am and right around 11 am is when I got my big bite.  Black Marlin on the line!!!  There is nothing that prepares you for this moment.  No other fish, no other circumstances, nope, nothing.  The fight and life in this fish are unbelievable – acrobatic jumping water to air, deep diving, they’ll run from the boat, or even sometimes get aggressive and run AT the boat.  Lucky for me mine ran with line for about 8 minutes and then the ‘reel war’ was on.  Pumping the rod and reeling on the downstroke have never been this hard either.  Oh the burn.  After 25 minutes, some help from the boat and a great mate – my monster was boatside.  He looked big when he first hooked the line, jumping in the water.  Beside the boat, the shock set in that I really brought him in, and how, oh how was I ever going to top this one.  We brought him up carefully, gave him a photo-op and a kiss and then had him to water.  He came right to, and dropped into the depths, to live another day.  And sore?  Never-mind the burn in my triceps holding the rod, the rest of my body felt it real good for about 2 days, and that’s his mark on me.  I’ll think about him often, and I’ll wonder what ever happened to that fish, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll catch his big ass sister one day. 

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The bite is fantastic, obviously, and our charter fleet offers something for everyone.  Whether you’re a first timer, avid fisherman, or looking for the experience of a lifetime, you’re in the right place.  You can charter anything from 15 to 60 feet, go inshore, or offshore.  Check out the rest of Quepolandia, there are many boats to choose from. 

Can’t get enough?  Don’t worry, Sarah’s always got a rod in her hands so be sure to check the next issue of Quepolandia for the next installment of ‘That’s Fishin’. 

Sarah Munro is an ex-pat Canadian living in the Manuel Antonio area who has been fishing since infancy.  Rumor has it she gutted her first fish before she was diaper trained.  It’s likely one day the fish will take her.  

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