Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Memoirs of a Masseur – March 2019

Every day I ask people when they received their last massage. For me, it is a prerequisite question before I begin my work. I listen attentively and have come to the conclusion that very few people give back to themselves enough. For some reason guilt exists about maintaining our own bodies. There is no need to wait. No need to have a back out of whack, a tight neck, a migraine, today is the day to loosen up and get yourself a massage. Let experienced hands put you into a trance where the mind and body can heal, can change, can grow. Massage is no longer a relaxing luxury. Therapeutic massage is an effective healthcare approach; a combination of art and science that true professionals in the field have spent years combining technical and academic information along with developing subtleties of palpation and technique. My twenty years of massaging defines my life more so than just my job. Working in my chosen field you could say, has massaged me into a man that goes through life caring about the mental, physical, and spiritual direction of other humans.

I have found my calling in life by becoming a massage practitioner. There is no higher quality time in my day then when I work. It may sound like a paradox to some but the physical nature of my work, combined with the genuine love of whoever is on my table is extremely gratifying. Combine intention with the breathing and movement of the work and the hours of practice become timeless and sacred. A practitioner must find this higher plane as the years turn into decades. Like everything in life many fall by the wayside. Repetitious physical work isn’t for the weak minded or unhealthy at heart. I have seen clients literally look different after massage, my wife and I have labeled it “massage face.” The beauty is that it is real. I thank my clients after every session and it confuses some, however that thank you is genuine. As a body worker I desire to give therapeutic pleasure through touch. It is natural and magical to succumb to what therapists have to offer, in fact that is what is gratifying to us practitioners as well.

My passion continues to grow as my twenty-first year of work approaches. I describe a massage session as a walk around the block every day at the same time. The walk is the same but the weather, animals, neighbors, mind-set, and practically everything varies slightly. A human body and the massage routine is roughly the same, however there are no two bodies that have the same feel and that is where the magic exists. Qualified hands can feel and manipulate muscle and tissue to bring more balance to anyone’s body. Vacation is a great time to seek out a massage but even more importantly find a masseuse or masseur in your area that can grow with you. Like wine, massage sessions mature over time. I urge you the reader to begin your own journey with the amazing power of massage.

Todd Pequeen can be reached at 8830-7727 or at [email protected]. He was the first male massage therapist in M.A. and has been providing amazing therapeutic sessions since 2000. His free time is spent reading, writing, traveling, and surfing.