Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

Memoirs of a Masseur – February 2015

By Todd Pequeen

Are you part of the herd? Are you original in your own thoughts and actions? I believe inspiration and creativity to be a part of everyone of us. Tapping into the organic nature of these thoughts can be a challenge to many. It is terribly obvious in society that advertisement plays a major role in almost everything we do. The red carpet actors and millionaire athletes are the heroes in modern life. Sad as it may be I fear many people have a hard time truly understanding who they are and simply copy what others are doing. To dress, eat, and behave like your peers keeps you surrounded by the “cool kids”. To me conformity is as boring and mundane as old “Leave it to Beaver” episodes. It is an amazingly diverse world and access to it is a computer click away. Information abounds and with a little self-confidence anyone can create themselves fueled by their passions. Manuel Antonio is filled with unique go-getters. So why then, do some people lead and other follow? Is a copy cat too lazy to create or do they sincerely feel imitation is the best form of flattery?

My mother taught me that if I spend much of my time with the improvement of myself that I don›t have time to criticize others. I try to live with the faith that the whole world is on my side as long as I am true to the best that I can be. I am convinced these two ways of being are a great foundation to becoming who you really are. I don›t know if anyone remembers the “Be Like Mike” campaign for Michael Jordan (arguably the best basketball player in history) but that saying always bothered me. Why would I want to be like him if I could just be myself? Illuminating our own special talents is really what this journey is about. Copying, stealing, and trying to be like anyone is non-heroic and eventually terribly disappointing to fulfillment on a spiritual level.

It is impossible for me to count the amount of times I’ve seen restaurants, retail stores, tourist services, or even advertisements try to copy the more successful ones. For example, once a seafood restaurant gains notoriety a second, and third will be opened shortly after near by. Our canopy tours, sunset tours, fishing excursions, and in house services all have twins or even triplets these days. My point being, seek out authenticity. Ask questions, engage and research where your hard earned dollars are going. Do not simply just agree with where the best this is, or that is, without doing your own research. Web pages like Trip Adviser can and are manipulated now in 2015. Be adventurous and form your own opinions….THAT is the way to find authenticity and true passion. Follow your instincts and get out of the herd. Each one of us has the ability every day to navigate using our own skills. Be a leader and let your confidence grow as you travel around this amazing country the way you want to, not the way others want you to.

Todd Pequeen is a Graduate of the N.Y. Institute of Massage and a pioneer of the spa industry here in Manuel Antonio since 2000. He works independently at his home studio or at your location and can be reached at 8830-7727.